Saturday, July 2, 2016

ALL Shanghaî Disneyland Best Rides and Shows HD Videos !

After all these months and dozens of articles about the making and  opening of Shanghaî Disneyland, here is one more post about Disney's newest Magic Kingdom with what i consider the best videos available for each major attraction. If some ride videos are missing it's either because they didn't exist or the quality was too low. And we'll start by one favourite, filmed during the trial days, a 90 minutes walk through the whole park and the discovering of it through the eyes of a young Chinese boy, for whom obviously it was the first steps in a Disney theme park.

Let's have a look now land by land, and we'll start by a video of Shanghaî Disneyland Mickey Avenue. This one is an official video with all the flaws that corporate videos can have but it's also one with unique shots so it worth to have a look at it.

Another official video this time showing a tour of the Gardens of Imagination.

A video of Once Upon a Time Adventure, located inside SDL castle. Theme Park University has filmed the whole walk-through and its visual effects of this unique attraction entirely dedicated to Snow White.

Fantasyland Voyage to the Crystal Grotto : the sky was a bit cloudy when Theme Park University filmed the video of the boat ride but it's still the best so far, specially for the ending sequence and the visual effects inside the crystal grotto located under Enchanted Storybook castle.

Peter Pan's Flight ride. The low light sensitivity of the camera of So Cal Attractions 360 is doing miracles in the filming of this new version of the beloved dark ride.

Alice in Wonderland Maze: WenHasBeenThere filmed Alice's labyrinth with a GoPro camera and its hyper wide angle which is just perfect here to see everything of the maze!

Same for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh where WenHasBeenThere GoPro wide angle allows to have a large view of the ride sets.

Adventure Isle Roaring Rapids, so far the best video which also shows well Q'araq, the Audio-Animatronic creature of the raft ride.

Soaring Over the Horizon: Great video filmed by daredaroune?yokohama which include the pre-show and queue movies, and of course the ride movie itself.

The whole Tarzan : Call of the Jungle show, filmed by Matthew Eberle, in three parts below.

Treasure Cove Pirates of Caribbean : Battle for the Sunken Treasure: the low light sensitivity of So Cal Attractions 360 camera deliver without any doubt the best video of this stunning POTC ride!

The full show of  Treasure Cove Captain Jack's Stunt Spectacular. This one, filmed by Matthew Eberle, doesn't have the long intro in Chinese before the curtains goes up but it is filmed near the stage and allows a better viewing of the show.

The amazing TRON Lightcycles Power Run coaster filmed by So Cal Attractions 360. In this case the low light sensitivity of the camera almost "light" a bit too much the scenes. But it also allows to see them better than in others videos.

Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue, filmed by So Cal Attractions 360, and in 4K!

A video of Shanghaî Disneyland Mickey Story Book Express Day Parade, posted on Youtube by Attractions Magazine.

Golden Fairy Tale Fanfare Castle Show, filmed by Matthew Eberle, in two parts.

Shanghaî Disneyland Ignite the Dream Fireworks show, filmed by Renato Wang.

And, for those of you who would have missed it, or simply would like to see it again, here is the full HD video of Shanghaî Disneyland Grand Opening Celebration show!

Videos: copyright So Cal Attractions 360, WenHasBeenThere, Theme Park University, daredaroune?yokohama, Matthew Eberle, Renato Wang, Disney

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Teevtee said...

Having seen all these rides many times I can tell you that the low light cameras actually destroy the shows. They look nothing like this in real life.

This is almost like watching a video with a giant flood light ruining all the careful show lighting.

Sometimes darker videos that show the actual lighting (or closer to it) would be better. This is especially true of the Pirates and TRON videos here, both are nothing at all like the actual shows in real life.