Sunday, March 19, 2017

Disneyland Paris Update : Star Tours : The Adventure Continues Open at Disneyland Paris - Full Pictorial Report With Pictures and Video !

Disneyland Paris "new" Star Tours is now in soft-opening mode and will open officially on March 26. Thanks to Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster D&M has a full report for you with dozens of pictures and video! I also add to this article others great pictures from our friends of ED92 and i thanks both a lot for their pictorial materials! Here weeee go!

After Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort in 2011, then Tokyo Disney Resort in 2013, in 2017 Disneyland Paris open this legendary attraction in its new version. All the area has been redesigned with a new entrance inspired from the logo of the attraction. The X-Wing has landed on a platform above the new SW meet and greet area with Darth Vader , Chewbacca and others SW characters ( the location was previously the one of "Star Traders" shop), access to the new FastPass terminals has been revised, the area has a new floor too and the Star Trader shop has been moved at the exit of the ride, where was before the post-show area.

Yesterday, too, Discoveryland Station reopened and guests can now take the train again in this station ...also a great place too to shoot pictures of the new Star Tours area!

Okay, let's get inside, would we? the pre-show decor has been changed and enhanced with new effects, screens, droids robots and lights with a new style given to the ride storyline.

Visible in the queue pre-show decor, "REX" the driver who did more than 3 250 000 flights from Disneyland Paris during 24 years is also present with others droids.

The experience : after the queue and taking the glasses 3D, when boarding, it’s time to seat in one of the 1000 StarSpeeders seats with a new driver, C-3PO. Let's say it, to see -3PO appearing in front of our eyes makes each time the same effect: a big smile and the feeling that the attraction is already a success. With more than 70 possible different travels, this attraction became a real "must" . With Kashyyyk, Jakku, Naboo, Hoth, Tatooine, and others, each trip has its random twists and provide a unique experience at each take-off.

The simulator : this is THE big change ! Between an interior with new colors and lighting, a HD 3D projection, and also more smooth movements, the simulators have been updated for our biggest pleasure!

Time to embark, and on the video below filmed by Max, not only you'll see all this great new queue decor but also one of the ride movies! Warning: spoilers ahead!

After the landing of the StarSpeeder 1000, guests are invited to discover the new "Star Traders" shop ( previously "SpacePort" with the Arcade Games ) where is parked a StarSpeeder, and is visible some passage of droids and a Jedi Training droid as a hologram on the big screen. Guests can buy Star Wars products as well as exclusive merchandise of the attraction.

It's at night that the new Star Tours area becomes even more magical thanks to the lighting of WDI wizards!

Editing: I'm adding a new video filmed by Curious Axel who was the first guest to enter the soft-openings of Star Tours: the Adventure Continues, and he filmed his long walkthrough inside the new decor. Video from our friends of ED92.

With this redesigned Star Tours area, the new version of the ride, the upcoming Hyperspace Mountain opening early May, and the Jedi Academy at Videopolis Disneyland Paris has now a mini-Star Wars land which, with the addition of the seasonal Star Wars projection show at the Walt Disney Studios , will be for sure helpful to bring back guests in the parks. All what is missing now is that DLP organize Star Wars week-ends to bring at DLP the dozens of thousands of European Star Wars fans. It's even surprising that they didn't thought about it yet...

Don't go away as we're not done yet with DLP Discoveryland as there is more to see with the Discoveryland fountains located at the entrance which are back working again with gorgeous lighting! This is more important than it may seem as it means that visually, and especially at night, Discoveryland will "start" right from Central Plaza instead than when you arrive up to the Constellations shop.

And... that's it for today's Disneyland Paris update! I want to thanks again Max from DLP Welcome and our friends from ED92 for their precious help and their great pictures! Make sure to visit their site and Facebook page for more DLP pictures and videos! A new DlP update will come soon and in the meantime, i remind you that the gorgeous Disneyland Paris book is still available and it's the last copies of a book that will not be reprinted so make sure to order your copy now!

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Pictures and video: copyright DLP Welcome, ED92


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Thanks to you and your friend of ED92 for this wonderful pictorial. Very nice. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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