Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Disneyland Space Mountain With E.T Score

Back in 1985 no coaster had on-ride audio and WDI Imagineer Tom Morris - show-producer of DLP Fantasyland, HKDL, and of DLP Sleeping Beauty Castle, as well as Cars Land - had the idea to do a sound demo with different musics examples to show to WDI execs how a good idea it would be to include audio in Space Mountain cars, and one of the demos was with the music from E.T!

As i wanted to see how it would have feel in real i did a sound editing on a good video of Space Mountain filmed in 2015 by SoCal Attractions 360 and replaced the audio of the video by the "E.T demo" that Tom Morris did more than 30 years ago. Of course it was just a demo as Disney would never had done it for real with the E.T music in Space Mountain as E.T rights belongs to Universal. But Tom idea was not lost and that was even probably the origin of the on-ride audio which would come many years later in DLP Casey Jr which was the first coaster to have on ride audio, followed in 1995 by Space Mountain at DLP Discoveryland, and many others after. 

One more thing: the "bip" you will hear in the audio was in Tom Morris tape to mark the "dispatch" moment, i.e when the train is launched to start the ride on the Space Mountain track. 

Video: copyright SoCal Attractions 360

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Anonymous said...

You can really hear the influence this had on the original Space Mountain in Paris.