Thursday, June 15, 2017

Will Disneyland Paris Pirates of Caribbean Legendary Auction Scene Be Deleted ?

I’ve been told that the auction scene in the POTC ride at DLP ( with the auctioneer and the women put in auction ) will be deleted and changed for a new one, most probably for politically correct reasons ( in the days we’re living, lt had to happen ). AND if the new scene is okay they plan to change the auction scene too in the POTC rides in the U.S. I think that the pirate auctioneer and the main characters will probably stay but in a different kind of scene. We’ll see if the rumor is true when the ride will reopen at DLP next month. 

I’m of course not to make the apology of women put in auction but i think it’s a mistake. It’s a PIRATE attraction showing Pirates life in the 18th century, and everyone knows that: 1) action is not in our days but three centuries earlier and 2) that pirates life was full of disreputable actions. That’s what pirates life was and doing some kind of revisionism don’t seem to me to be the best thing to do. In addition, it’s really taking DLP guests for more stupid than they are, or at least to don’t trust their intelligence as obviously they’ll be the first to understand what i've just said, i.e it’s a ride showing pirates life a long, long time ago.

I'll be interested to read your thoughts about that in the comments below!

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Unknown said...

If it's true that'll be rather lame.

They're pirates which are pretty nasty guys that did nasty things.

The original ride didn't (at least I don't think so) glamorize pirates and without showing gratuitous violence and explicit images and tried to show what the 60s thought pirates were like.

Not like the ride encourages human trafficking or anything.

Let's not erase the past please.

Erik Jacobs said...

Well, everything you said is true. BUT: the ride isn't purely based on the historical pirates anymore.

It is now based on their movie franchise version of pirates. Where normaal pirate crews are thieves, yes. But they're also lovable misfits AND heroes who save the world in the end.

And all the evil pirates are not from flesh and blood, but cursed zombie / ghost / etc. pirate crews. That said, I don't necessarily agree with such a decision - but I can understand where it would come from.

Pachelbel said...

Unbelievable! Let's hope it won't come to this.

Well, if they do get rid of this scene, we'll still be able to enjoy it in the film series, won't we?

Although I prefer the ride version over the one in the series:

Anonymous said...

Although I’m also against the contemporary obsession with political correctness, I think Disney made the absolute right choice here. For me, Disneyland is NOT a museum that has to represent real history. For me, it’s a themepark that represents childhood fantasies.

In the eyes of children the Pirates are fun and cool, not the vicious criminals that beat up and sold women. I think the real problem here is, that the women auction scene made it into the attraction in the first place and that it hasn’t been taken out years ago.

The same could actually be said about Frontierland. If that land has to be historically correct, than Disney should put a few hookers in the Lucky Nugget Saloon. Or should Disney maybe tell the horrifying story about what really happened to the Native American Indians? I don’t think children are fantasizing about hookers and massacres when they play as cowboys and indians.

So for me, the changes in Pirates are not an act of political correctness, but just Disney being a provider of crisp-clean childhood fantasies. A themepark is simply not the place to show such scenes of utter disrespect to women.

Anonymous said...

Well, I suppose Disneyland isn't a museum. It's not like we go there expecting to learn real history. And POTC was never realistic. Where as the gang rape scene? Or the burning people alive scene? Obviously we'd never see that. There are real museums showing the actions of real pirates. There a particularly traumatising museum in London showing the slave trade in the Caribbean, including the pirates. We can always go there if we want to learn real history.

And the Disney ride is now based on the POTC movies. No slave auctions or gang rape in there.

I assume. I never saw the latest one...

Disnimal said...

Wrong! The women auction is part of the film series (in a short film). Check this link:

danielz6 said...

Wow most of you complain about political correctness then proceed to justify this blatantly politically correct removal of a classic scene lol. "Disneyland is dedicated to ideals dreams and the HARD FACTS that have created America" those were the exact words Mr. Disney spoke upon dedicating Disneyland. Indian massacres? Frontierland hookers? Absolutely they have a place if it fits the story being told. What do you think the original Frontierland Saloon shows were about?? The women would sing and flirt with audience members in exactly the colorful and flamboyant clothing that prostitues wore back then! What is Thunder mountains original story? Angry NATIVE AMERICAN deity about the white exploitation of the mountains' gold. So the Hard Facts are there but of course they are subtle and in a fun family friendly way which is exactly what the auction scene is! Have you people ever seen Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Oh it's just about massive massacre of white people who decided to put an end to slavery in America. Oh but that's right only non white people can be massacred right and only non white people can be victims right? You people obviously don't know much about Disneyland and are so conditioned by political correctness that you cant even see it when it's blatantly in front of you!