Saturday, July 14, 2018

Discover WDI Props Dept With this Fun Video Showing Adam, 11 Years Old, Dreaming to become a Walt Disney Imagineer Prop Master

There is an incredible new video just posted by the Disney Family channel in the series "My Disney Dream Job", with a 11 years old kid dreaming to become a Walt Disney Imagineer Prop Master. With his mother he was invited to visit WDI props dept - the visit of the props warehouse that we discover for the first time is a wow - and meet WDI Imagineers Ted Robledo and Jim Clark, currently working on Tokyo Disneyland Beauty and the Beast expansion.

The kid is incredible and fun because he has so much energy that he is limit out of control as you'll see in the video, and you can feel the imagineers praying that he don't destroy involuntarily some of their precious props! Here are some pictures of the props warehouse.

His visit with WDI Imagineers is also interesting as Imagineers are the ones working on TDL expansion and some artworks are displayed on the wall - including some renderings for the Beauty and the Beast land we may have never seen. You know me, i did some screen captures instantly! Click to enlarge the pictures below.

Here are also two previous released artworks wallpaper size.

Okay, have a look at this fun video now, you won't regret it! I predict that Adam will become an incredible prop master if Walt Disney Imagineering hires him!

 Pictures and video: copyright Disney

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