Monday, July 23, 2018

New Coca Cola Commercial Confirms Some Attractions Planned for Universal Studios Beijing

Coca Cola obviously has a Partnership with Universal Studios Beijing and posted a 16 seconds commercial which confirms some of the attractions that are planned for Universal Beijing. Let's say it, there is no surprise or scoop here but the 3D Animation for the commercial is cool anyway, and it's probably the first commercial we see for Universal Beijing, a park that will not open before 2020.

It shows a golden dragon running over China's Great Wall...

...moving through Universal Studios famous entrance arch...

... passing in front of King Kong and a Jurassic Park T-Rex as well as Harry Potter Wizarding World Hogwarts Castle and a giant red roller coaster...

...and finally arriving at the center of the park twisting around a giant Coca Cola bottle.

So, there you have it, at least Universal Beijing will have a King Kong attraction, a Jurassic World and a  Harry Potter Wizarding World with Hogwarts Castle, in additions of course of others attractions like this big roller coaster if it was not added here for a visual effect.

Although we can see in the background the big hotel supposed to be at the entrance, the Jurassic Park entrance door, the rest is mainly CGI stylized buildings. No big surprise indeed with the Kong, Jurassic Park and Wizarding World attractions but as they say, it goes better by saying it.

Here is the short Coca Cola commercial, the 3D Animation was done by Superpixel.

Below, the first and so far only bird-eye view rendering released officially for Universal Beijing.

Pictures and video: copyright Coca Cola - Universal Beijing

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