Monday, July 23, 2018

Rumor: Next Super-Hero Attraction at DCA Marvel Land Could Be a Spiderman 4D Projection Show

We'll start the week - the last D&M week before a Summer break starting August 1st as announced previously - with what you have to consider as a rumor. Normally when i'm 100% sure of infos coming from sources, i don't need to say that it must be taken as a rumor, but here, and although the source is excellent, the info doesn't come directly from the horse's mouth, so i'm not 100% sure it will happen, though it will make sense as you'll see.

Okay, so, it's in the rumor category and it's about what will be the next Marvel super-hero attraction for Disney's California Adventure Marvel Land. And what i've been told is that it will be a Spider-Man attraction.

That a Spiderman attraction will come to DCA Marvel land is nothing new. Disney, i think, said it, along with an Avengers ride which most probably will be similar to the one coming in 2023 at HKDL. The fact that the next Marvel attraction at DCA will be the one with Spiderman is no surprise either, it was something not even hidden since they released the three posters for each Marvel land at DCA, HKDL and DLP WDS. If you look at the posters again you can see that for the HKDL poster the Marvel super-hero at the forefront of the concept art is Ant Man and The Wasp - and the ride will open next year at HKDL Tomorrowland....

...For DLP WDS the super-hero at the forefront is Iron Man, and as we know an Iron Man coaster will replace in 2020-21 the Rock and Roller Coaster...

...And for Disney's California Adventure the super-hero at the forefront of the concept art is ...Spiderman. So, basically it is "signed", the next Marvel attraction coming to DCA is a Spiderman attraction. So far, no big surprise and the fact that Spider-Man is in the forefront makes sense and aligns with the rumor i've been told.

Some may think that the Avengers ride will come first at DCA before a Spiderman attraction, and although it's true that the Avengers plane can also be seen on the concept-art but i won't bet on that. All the heroes at the center of the posters are the ones that will have attraction in the next 2 to 3 years, so i think the posters promote the super-heroes that will have an attraction coming soon and that it's the message hidden behind the posters.

Now, back to California Adventure and the Spiderman attraction. If you want to create a new Spiderman ride, here is the problem: you need to beat or at least to be as good as the acclaimed Spiderman ride at Islands of Adventure, and you'll agree that this is one hell of a ride difficult to beat. Or you can do a totally different kind of ride, like a new kind of roller coaster. And it happens that a recently approved Disney patent was showing a kind of "pendulum" roller coaster which would do the job pretty well for a Spiderman coaster.

You can read more about it HERE  but one goal in designing the ride system was to deliver an experience similar to what it would feel like to be with Spider-Man or a similar character swinging on webs between buildings as you move down the streets of a city..

So a Spiderman coaster could be it ...but it's not what i've been told. I was told that the Spiderman attraction will be a 4D projection show coming of course in the former It's Tough to be a Bug theatre building that will be expanded for the need of the show. And to expect something like the amazing Kung Fu Panda show which recently opened at Universal Studios Hollywood.

My source added "I do not think that they will place a ride there. It makes the most sense in reality to use the theatre like that. Backstage ( behind ) they have the Carthay Circle and also the Animation Academy building. I don't think they have time to open up that type of ride. They can use the It's Tough to be a Bug theatre with the screen, design a spectacular projection show, put some new seats in here and call it a day. And save plenty of money. I would love a cool new ride but the big E-ticket Avengers ride is phase 2 of the Marvel land and it will go behind the Guardians of Galaxy tower."

So, what do you think? For me it's 50-50. Sure, WDI Imagineers may have in plans a new kind of ride that we don't think about but, again, any Spiderman ride will be judge in comparison to the one at Islands of Adventure, which can be beat but probably at a high cost that Disney might want to save for the future Avengers ride. Again, take this one with a pinch of salt and i suppose we'll know more about it anytime soon, probably at the next D23 Expo the latest.

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Unknown said...

WOW. . . wow, what a let down. After experiencing the power of the Spiderman Ride at Islands. . . this would be a total let down. The experience at Universal is so visceral and powerful. It totally consumes me. To just have. . . a 3D/4D show?? What a let down. I'm honestly surprised.

rafael said...

I hope it isn't true. It would be such a let down. Spider-man just getting a cheap theater overlay is so sad.

Tom said...

Well, after Pixar Pier and the Incredicoaster, anything is possible.
Apparently they are back to "the "build something cheap with a character name/ face on it" era, so a cheap layover wouldn't surprise me at all...