Sunday, April 29, 2007

Disneyland Paris Character express Video

The “Disney character express” is a new 15th anniversary addition at DLP. The train moves up and down Main Street three times each day with 15 disney characters for a special meet and greet sessions on central plaza, near the castle.
For those of you, who may have visit the park before, this train may sounds familiar ,as it was previously the Dumbo circus train float in the former parade. Totally repainted with the 15th anniversary official colours , he looks brand new and, honestly, quite fine, too.
Now , the great idea is in the music , a kind of “tchu-tchu” song that comes from japan, from the tokyo disneyland’s show “disney’s party express” . Of course the words are now in english instead of japanese. But the rythm of the music and the characters movements give to it a kind of “cartoon” feeling pretty cool...
Once on central plaza , the train stops in front of the castle , the characters step down and goes near one of the four huge “lumiere” photo location for several minutes before the “express” leaves again...
This short video shows the train leaving after the stop in front of the castle.

Photo: copyright Disney for the first one, Alain Littaye for others.

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Anonymous said...

The lyrics to the song are actually mostly in French (which is more appropriate), rather than English. The only English lyrics are 'All aboard!' and 'Come on!'.