Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Walt Disney, the Imagineers, and the 1964 World Fair Magic Skyway project

Here are a selection of pictures of Walt at Walt Disney Imagineering workshop - at that time called "WED Enterprises". You will recognize among others Imagineers Mary Blair, John Hench, Marc Davis , Claude Coats, sculptor Blaine Gibson, all these legendary imagineers who created the attractions we all love. And, too, the model of New Orleans quare, the Matterhorn, the Pirates of Caribbean attraction, the Plaza Garden and a head sculpture of Pirates , and one of the audio-animatronics.

But today, we're also going to talk about the 1964 World Fair and the Magic Skyway attraction that WED created for it. On the first youtube video below, Walt presents the project, directly from the imagineering workshop. The second one is a clever editing of pictures of the attraction at the world's fair, with the original audio commentary of Walt himself.
And i added for the pleasure a third youtube video not about the Magic Skyway, but about the Futurama 2 attraction , always at the 1964 world fair.
Enjoy all of them!

Photos and videos: copyright Disney