Friday, June 1, 2007


Tomorrow the first soft opening of the Walt Disney Studios awaited Toon Studio will begin, but here are the first full video report on all of it!
In two words, let's say that Crush coaster is a "D" ticket, and , although Cars race rally is a small ride , normally a "B" ticket - i give him a "C+" ticket for the high quality of all the theming.
The first video below shows the pre-show and loading room of Crush coaster. As it is too dark to film inside, this is the only part of it that you will see, so no spoilers on the ride itself ( if you really want to see more there is a video on the Dlrp website showing - but it's pretty dark - the inside of the ride at:
The second video below shows the outside facades and all the queue line decor of the Cars race rally attraction, and the whole theming is wonderful.
The third one is filmed on ride, in the Cars vehicle. At this moment, few people were in the vehicles.
The fourth shows the ride full of guests this time, on a different angle.
The fifth is another on-ride video, with all vehicles full of guests.
The sixth is filmed from the ride exit on another angle.
And the last one is a travelling showing the whole area of the Toon Studio.
On some videos a you tube message " Image coming soon" may appear. Just ignore it, click on the video, it will works.
Enjoy all of them!

For a complete photo tour of both attractions with comments, please see my articles about them on miceage at :
The first article about Crush coaster is already on line , and the second one about cars will be on line June 5th.

All photos and videos: Disney and more


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