Sunday, June 24, 2007

A video farewell to Islands of Adventure's Lost continent

The announcement by Universal Studios of the future Harry Potter's land at Islands of Adventure have confirmed it: a big part, if not all, of the Lost continent land will be destroyed to create the world of the young wizard. The Sindbad show will go for sure, and with a bit of luck, Poseidon's fury area will be saved...

For those of you who never had the luck to see this wonderful land and its two main attractions "Poseidon's fury" and the Sindbad stunt show, here are five youtube videos from artattackbvba and filmfreak11.

The first one shows "Poseidon's fury" and the next four the Sindbad stunt show, in four parts.

Enjoy them all!

youtube videos by artattackbvba and filmfreak11

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Anonymous said...

Salut !
Ton mail @ wanadoo ne marche plus... Juste pour te rappeler donc de passer demain pour les CDs. Avant 19h ce serait super pour l'ami qui en a besoin.
A bientôt