Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hong Kong Disneyland introduce “Mickey’s Summer Blast” season! Photos and video!

It’s Cool, Animated and Wild: It’s Mickey’s Summer Blast! Hong Kong Disneyland Launch the new water works parade today July 7th, and we have already photos and video to show you, thanks to Bennett Shiu, our new special correspondant in Hong Kong and to the Youtube video by "Marlonerni".

Mickey’s Summer Blast, which is hot, hot, hot and yet so refreshingly cool, will kick off on July 14 and continue until the end of summer.
Here’s a look at what’s in store during Mickey’s Summer Blast:


Created exclusively for Hong Kong Disneyland, Mickey’s WaterWorks is a splashy, new day parade designed to bring some waterful fun during the summer months.

Bursting with water-fuelled energy, the parade showcases just how Mickey and his pals keep Hong Kong Disneyland’s landscape looking so beautiful and lush. But watch out! Onlookers are likely to get caught up in the “splashy” fun of the cavalcade.

A medley of favorite Disney characters, some of whom have never appeared in Hong Kong Disneyland before, including Big Bad Wolf and Pinocchio, entertain guests with a water-filled extravaganza of music, dance and colorful floats.

Classic Disney characters like Goofy, Donald Duck, Buzz Lightyear and of course Mickey and Minnie join a cast of hundreds in setting the stage for the lush, garden backdrop of the parade.

A host of themed floats are joined by 100 performers, including 30 characters, dancing to an original score to make this parade a must see splashtacular extravaganza!

Also new for “Mickey’s Summer Blast”, the Main Street Water Brigade, comprising three comedic “firefighters”, will delight and surprise guests several times a day with an all new humorous performance sure to create a “splash” along Main Street U.S.A.

Splash-tastic fun and waterful good times with Goofy will be on tap whether guests want to get soaked or just enjoy a little sprinkling to keep cool from the Hong Kong sun. Located in Tomorrowland, UFO Zone is an alien oasis which delights guests amidst a futuristic spaceport where keeping cool is the number one rule.


Animation Academy is the newest attraction to add to the fun at Hong Kong Disneyland and is set to inspire creativity in every guest.

Located next to “The Disneyland Story” on Main Street U.S.A., this attraction features an interactive experience that is both entertaining and educational. Here, guests can pick up a pencil and be part of the Disney creative experience.


In Adventureland, guests can continue to “Get Wild” at the Pirate Takeover – by popular demand, the totally immersive and interactive pirate experience will continue to sail through the summer until the end of August.

Guests of all ages can participate in activities such as Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Boot Camp to learn how to be a pirate; or sing and dance to rowdy pirate music in Pirates Procession. For the truly adventurous, sail down the Rivers of Adventure on the Jungle River Cruise, Pirate Takeover! where surprises lurk around every corner.

As a new addition to the swashbuckling action of the Pirate Takeover, Captain Jack Sparrow has ordered his zany crew of buccaneers to wash the planks of Pirateland in Swab the Deck, a new comedic performance filled with splashy antics. In the cleaning frenzy, guests will get wet as well!

All photos: copyright Disney for photos 1,2,4,8 and Bennett Shiu, our new special correspondant in Hong Kong for photos 3,5,6,7. Many thanks, Bennett!

Video Youtube by Marlonerni. Thanks, too!


Anonymous said...

What an extremely bad and annoying video... (-_-)

Alain Littaye said...

It's not perfect, for sure, but that was the only one available!

James said...

Thanks Alain. I'm probably going there during the summer after I got a taste of it here.