Monday, December 24, 2007

New Mark VII monorail arrived to Disneyland !

It's WDI Christmas gift to Disneyland : the new Mark VII monorail arrived this week with new design and colour painting, and it looks great!

Here is a short article by Brady MacDonald, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer :

"A 75-foot-tall crane hoisted the first of the new Mark VII monorails from a flatbed truck onto the beam way track this morning at Disneyland.

The five-car burnt-burgundy train is the first of three new monorails expected to go online at the Anaheim theme park starting in February 2008.

Three years in the making, the all-new bullet-nosed monorails were designed by Disney, built in Rhode Island and assembled in Vancouver, Canada.

Lead Disney Imagineer Scot Drake said the Mark VII design represents a “streamline optimistic vision” of a “fantasy future that never was.”

The sleek iconic exterior features color-shifting paint with gray pinstriping that evokes the stainless-steel side panels of the 1959 original designed by Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr.

The interior features an under-lighted central island seating arrangement that offers every visitor a view through color-tinted windows.

The other two trains in the monorail fleet should be delivered in spring and summer 2008.

Photo: copyright Disney

Text: copyright Brady MacDonald / Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

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