Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Twilight Zone - Rod Serling tribute

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is now open at the WDS, and i thought it was the perfect time to give a tribute to a man and his genius: Rod Serling, the creator of the beloved TV series.

So, below, here is a rare tv interview of him, in 1959, when the Twilight Zone series began. He is not only talking about it, but, too, about the script writer job, how he must fight censors, etc...

And as you will see, how a great human being he was!

If you wish, you can find on you tube another great documentary about him called "Rod Serling Documentary" , in 10 parts of 8 minutes each. Just click here to access to part one.

And now a special note for my french readers: Universal just released a 3 DVD set of the whole season 1 of the original Twilight Zone series. It includes great special features, like the rare " Time Element " film who is at the origin of the series, and also an audio recording of a confrerence of Rod Serling , talking with script writing students about the first "pilot" episode.
The good news is that the other seasons of the Twilight Zone series will be released in France, too , with season 2 coming in april or may 2008. If you've not bought it yet, go right away to the nearest store to do it! It's a treasure, and it's hard to live without the whole Twilight Zone series!


Tony said...

Great post - really enjoyed watching the Serling interview. Interesting to hear his outlook on the TV business - even in its infancy. It's amazing though, even back then Mike Wallace was pompous.

Alain Littaye said...

Thanks, Tony. I always try to find the most "interesting" video, and by that i mean not necessarily the one with the best definition, but really the most interesting...a video where "something" is happening, not blah blah blah...when they're available of course.
In the case of this one, i've looked and looked at it again, and i think it's a fantastic one, because not only Rod Serling's videos are extremely rare, but you really can "feel" the man, what he was deeply, inside. How idaealistic and humble he was. In two words, what is needed to be a genius.