Sunday, January 6, 2008

Disney California Adventure placemaking artwork

I was so busy this week that i didn't find the time to post new topics , and i am deeply sorry about that. So today, here is a great topic about the artwork and model of the huge placemaking for Disney's California Adventure.

You may have seen these renderings on different forums, but i've tried to enhance them, and new details can be seen, now.
However, some are in good definition, others in low definition, i wish i could find some with a better definition, but it's better than nothing.

First, here is the map of what is going to change.

Let's begin by the beginning, i.e the future new entrance, which looks a lot like the one at Disney Hollywood Studios

The new "entrance" street will be reminiscent of Los Angeles 1920's architecture

The Walt Disney Plaza will host a new "friends" statue with Walt Disney and Mickey, a recreation of the Carthay Circle Theater. where Snow White was premiered at in 1937.and a new version of the " Walt Disney Story "

And then, there is of course the new Pacific Electric Red Cars where guests will board for a little ride from the park's entrance to Tower of terror

The major expansion in the Timon parking lot is the one everybody is waiting for, the 200 million dollars Cars land.
Let's have a look first to the Radiator Springs Racers "test track" technology major E-ticket ride and the Cars land overview.

The Cars drive-in restaurant should be great and remember something to anyone who had dinner at the Sci-Fi dinner restaurant at the Disney Mgm studios...
UPDATE 1/8 !! : In his new update on Al Lutz reveal that the Cars drive-in restaurant is probably canceled...more latest news about DCA placemaking in Al's article HERE

Two smaller "C" ticket attractions will take place in Cars land, "Mater's towing" where " Tow Mater will be the disc jockey at a spinner ride that will have passengers being whipped around the desert floor in truck trailers ".

And Luigi's Tires using a similar technology to old Tomorrowland Flying Saucers, hopefully it should work better than 40 years ago!

The awaited Little Mermaid ride is going to be a real E-ticket, and it seems even better than expected

Not so far from it will be the DCA placemaking preview center

On Paradise Pier, Toy Story Midway mania will be the first to open later this year, and here is two pictures of the imagineers installing and testing the ride vehicle

Always on the Boardwalk, the Boardwalk games will be rethemed

As well as the Mulholland Madness coaster that will be rethemed as Goofy's Flying Academy

Always on Paradise pier, he new victorian architecture of the boardwalk buildings and the giant Mickey Mouse face on the sun wheel

And let's not forget the spectacular Disney world of colour water show, with its newly built viewing area , and the Beer garden

You can have more details of how this DCA placemaking will look in Al Lutz article on and in his future updates.

Also, the excellent mice chat forum, from where most of the renderings you saw here are coming from have a great DCA project tracker page, don't miss it!

Artwork , Photos and Screen capture: copyright Disney

Map: copyright Los Angeles Times


NotesfromtheBarn said...

Excellent report, will be there again later to check out progress.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the obvious time and effort you've out into this. We have a DL trip in our future and after reading this will be waiting until it's all complete so we can experience all the amazing new stuff!