Friday, February 1, 2008

Be our guest in the Disneyland Dream suite - High-res pictures and Videos

That's it, the first guests of the new Disneyland dream suite had the pleasure to spend a night inside this gorgeous suite, located ,as we know, where the Disney Gallery used to be. Let's have a look how gorgeous it is with these new Disney pictures, and the original renderings. Take the time to double-click on each picture to explore each detail, it worth the look, really!

Christine Terwilliger of Salem, Oregon - fourth from left on the picture below, became the first-ever winner of an overnight stay inside Disneyland, California. Shown here entering the Suite with her family, she was randomly selected Thursday, Jan. 31 to spend the first night in the new Dream Suite, located above Pirates of the Caribbean in the New Orleans Square area.

The Disneyland Dream Suite has been restored using drawings created in the 1960s by Dorothea Redmond when Walt Disney himself was planning a luxury apartment inside Disneyland. Here the 1966 artwork of the dream suite living room.

Here is the 2007 artwork from WDI for the same room. Look at the changes...

And here is the final - and beautiful - result.

Other artwork was done in 1966, but as we will see, the new rooms are quite different, even if WDI imagineers tried tp preserve the "spirit" of the original artwork. “Our plan has been to use the renderings that Walt worked on with Dorothea Redmond and to replicate those as exactly as we can,” said Walt Disney Imagineering Art Director Kim Irvine. “Her illustrations were very specific, with a color and style for each room. “But to make it special for the guests, we want it to be more than just a beautiful suite.  We want it to be filled with things that might have inspired Walt as he dreamed of Disneyland.”
Here is the artwork for the adventureland master bedroom.

And the adventureland bedroom, finished.

At night, the lighting is fantastic, with a starry night sky, projection of waterfalls, and Peter Pan with the mermais right above your head when you're in the bed.

There is another bedroom, with a Frontierland theme. And with a train that goes all around the room. When it comes close to some decor element, these begin to move, magically.

The 1966 artwork for the same room...

And the one for an elegant "wash room" - although it looks more like what we call in france a "boudoir".

The master bathroom has a Fantasyland theme...

The bathtub with its gothic arches and the Aurora stained glass

One of the highly appreciated difference with the other dream suite inside WDW castle is the fact that guests can go outside not only on a central courtyard, but also have a balcony with a front view on Frontierland. First, here is the 1966 artwork.

The 2008 version include some chinese lampoons lighting.

On the other side, the balcony offer a perfect view on Tom Sawyer island, The river with the Mark Twain, and Big Thunder mountain...

...and the best place, at night, to enjoy the Fantasmic show!

Now, the question is: how does it feel when you're the winner and enter inside this wonderful suite for the first time ? Here is the answer with a video of Christine Terwilliger and her family, the first "winner" guests.

And what about having a look to the making-of, with special comments from WDI imagineers? Watch this!

The next topic tomorrow will take us not that far from that place, right below in fact, for another event, with another winner, about another kind of dream!

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