Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Disney and Stan Lee will team on three pictures !

Variety announced today - and it seems to don't be an april fools - that Walt Disney Pictures and Stan Lee have set three projects that will be executive produced by Lee and Gill Champion and their POW! Entertainment.

The troika of projects will each be based on a story by Stan Lee.

"Nick Ratchet" will be written and directed by Richard LaGravenese. Larry Jacobson and Sonny Grosso are in talks to produce.

"Blaze" will be written by Gary Goldman.

"Tigress" will be written by Zoe Green. State Street Pictures' Robert Teitel and George Tillman will produce.

I must add that Stan Lee really always amaze me : he's now 85 years old, and still developing projects just like when he was 30! What a great man! Excelsior!

Source: Variety.com


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!
'nuff said

Anonymous said...

sounds like a conman keeps getting rewarded