Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What about Disneyland's future ? ( and new Wall-E videos )

Honor Hunter from the excellent Blue sky disney blog did a very interesting article today " The Shape Of Things To Come... " about what could be the future of Disneyland, Anaheim. I strongly suggest you to have a look at it HERE

Talking about the future, Pixar released a new Wall-E short clip, where the little robot meets with headphones! Here it is below, it's short, but fun.

And here is a new video of the awaited ultimate Wall-E robot, on sale at any Toys'R us near you later this fall, probably in october.

See you soon for a big artwork article!

Videos: copyright Disney-Pixar


Anonymous said...

Why are they waiting till September/ October to release this? The movie will be long gone by then. At that price it should be release at the same time as the movie. Disney used to be so good at merchandise but now they just seem to suck at it.

Anonymous said...

Who cares?! That thing looks awesome! I'd wait until fall to buy that!