Sunday, May 18, 2008

LIVE from Cannes Film Festival : The Indiana Jones Party

The World Premiere of Indiana jones and the crystal Skull at Cannes Film Festival tonight was amazing. No Pictures yet available of the famous red carpet, but you can watch the video of it HERE

After the screening, a big party was organised almost on the beach, and Disney and more have the pictures for you!

First, some photos of the location before the arrival of the guests.

All photos: copyright Getty images


Disneyana World said...

Thank you very much for the Wall-E and Indy Jone coverage.

I'm loving all of it.

Anonymous said...

for some reason i keep thinking Cate Blanchett is going to speak English with a German accent in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull though she's supposed to be Russian

Matt said...

Cate is so hot! She really is one of the best, if not THE best, actress out there - smart and attractive.

Kevin Bruehl said...

I am a huge Indiana Jones fan. I love the rides, I love the movies, I love the video games, everything about it. However, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was one of the worst movies I've seen. I was so looking forward to seeing it and they just ruined it. Indy should not be facing aliens, it goes against the whole mythology of the character. I hated the villain Spalko, though the Russians were a good choice. The action was just difficult to enjoy, it's just no good. Shia Lebeuf is one of the worst actors out there, good actors act differently in every movie they do, he's the same shrill, annoying guy in everything. I hated how they had the story of Indy's son, there's only one Indiana Jones. It was al George Lucas' fault, he came up with the story, he was probably on set ll the time going, "when do the aliens show up?" Steven Spielberg said the movie was only going to be 10% visual effects, it was 90%. All style, no substance like the original. The only good part of the movie was the beginning hanger scene, that's it. George Lucas is all obsessed with effects rather than story, which made star wars episodes 1-3 the worst movies ever made. David Koepp isn't a good writer either, only on Jurassic Park. He ruined Spider-Man too. They shouldve gone with the Fate of Atlantis story that everyone loved or Infernal Machine, those would have been cool. Sallah should have been in it too, a new sidekick was rediculous and even more rediculous was Indy as a spy for the whole WWII for the CIA or whatever, beating up guys half his age and the city of gold, very original, only seen in a dozen movies so far. Staff of Kings looks like it'll rectify the mistake, looks like one of the best storylines ever.