Saturday, July 26, 2008

The first WATCHMEN Trailer is released - and it's a WOW ! - High-res pictures and trailer

If you've read Alan moore and Dave gibbons WATCHMEN, you're probably among the millions of super fans around the world awaiting Zach Snyder's movie adaptation of this fantastic graphic novel - listed by Time magazine as one of " 20th century 100 best novels ".

All others Alan Moore movies adaptations were mostly disapointed - remember The League of extraordinary gentlemen ? - but this time, it seems that we're going to get the real thing. The first trailer is released, and all i can say is:!!!

Have a look below at the high-res screen capture photos and the trailer, or, much better, watch it in high definition HERE and you'll understand what i mean. I just can't wait for June 2009, it looks so perfect...

And here is a video showing the Night Owl ship exhibit at the Comic Con

Photos and trailer: copyright Warner

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