Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Exclusive - Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Grand Opening - High-Res Pictures and Videos - UPDATED with new additional pictures

Important note: This article has been updated today July 10 with new pictures of the "characters" rooms. You will find below pictures of the Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella and Snow White and the seven Dwarfs Rooms! It will be updated AGAIN tomorrow with new pictures of the hotel's gardens.

The new and stunning Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is opening today July 8, and i succeed to get some gorgeous official pictures. All of them are here in high-res!

As you will see this new TDL Hotel - 705 rooms on 89,000 m² - is a masterpiece of unimaginable grandeur. It's Disney and Walt Disney Imagineering at their best, a delight of luxury.

Here below and above, two pictures of the exterior - entrance and courtyard.

Three pictures now of the fantastic Atrium lobby, one of the most spectacular ever created by Disney! Stepping through the hotel’s main entrance on the third floor, Guests will find themselves in this grand and spacious lobby with an atrium soaring about 30 meters overhead.

Two pictures of a Tokyo Disneyland Hotel room - the same, with two different colours...Tokyo Disneyland Hotel has two kind of rooms: The Standard Rooms: These rooms provide a comfortable stay for families and groups. All of these rooms are on the side facing Tokyo Disneyland Park. Price: from 31000 Yen per night ( $288 )

And the Character Rooms: These rooms feature designs of characters appearing in the Disney classic films Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella. Guests can immerse themselves in the world of Disney in one of these 138 Character Rooms. All of these rooms are located above the hotel’s Main Entrance. Price: from 36000 Yen per night ( $335 ). Click HERE to see all room prices for the TDL Hotel.

Below, a picture of the Peter Pan room.

Here is the Alice in Wonderland room

This one show the Cinderella room

And here is the salon of the Snow White and the seven Dwarfs room

It seems that the main differences for each room is in the change of colours, the paintings on the wall and this - see below - between the beds, here the one in the Peter Pan room.

The hotel offers also 65 Concierge Rooms and Suites. Guests staying in these rooms can check-in (includes welcome drinks) and checkout in comfort at the exclusive Marceline Salon, and enjoy complimentary continental breakfast at the Dreamers Lounge. Most of these rooms are on the side facing Tokyo Disneyland Park.
Here is a picture of the gorgeous Walt Disney Suite. Located on the 9th floor, or the uppermost floor, this is the premier suite at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. Named after Walt Disney, this lavishly furnished 235 sq/m suite has a living room, dining room, separate shower booth, air jet bath and other amenities to ensure a magical and unforgettable stay at the hotel. Price: 500.000 Yen per night ( $4650 )

Two pictures of two different restaurants of the Tokyo Disneyland hotel - the Sherwood Garden Restaurant facing the formal Victorian garden, and the Canna Restaurant for an exceptional and stylish dining experience.

The Cinderella Dream Grand Ball Room - This Victorian-style large banquet room is available for parties, gathering, seminars and other events.

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel have four gardens :

Mickey & Friends Square: The atmosphere of the World Bazaar is continued in this garden, with Disney character topiaries giving a heart-warming welcome to the hotel
- see picture of TDLH courtyard above - second from the top.

The Sherwood Garden : This Victorian-style garden of exquisite design has a pond and gazebo for a moment of relaxation.

Fantasia Court is located on the exterior 3rd floor. This fantasy-filled area features Mickey as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and the water-carrying brooms from the Disney film Fantasia.

Alice’s Garden - also on the 3rd floor - is themed to the Disney class film Alice in Wonderland.

And it's also in one of the gardens that you can find the beautifully themed Misty Mountains Pool. Themed to the Disney classic film Peter Pan, this outdoor pool even have a Skull Rock and a fountain featuring the tick-tocking crocodile from the film.

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel also have three shops:

Above, the picture of the Looking Glass Gifts shop - A wide variety of hotel gifts and daily-use items can be found here.

Disney Mercantile is more a "Disney" shop - This shop offers Tokyo Disney Resort merchandise.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is a beauty salon for young girls. Shimmering dresses, elegantly coiffed hair, lovely makeup… Every girl’s dream of becoming a “Disney Princess” comes true at this magical salon.

The Hotel also have a photo studio: Magic Memories Photo, a complete studio for one-of-a-kind photo portraits.

Nothing is better than a video to have a better look, so here it is!

And here is a video of the inauguration...

All photos: copyright Tokyo Disneyland Resort

Videos from mainichi.co.jp


Anonymous said...

Thanks Alain, those are wonderful!

The Viewliner Limited said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures Alain. I hope to go there someday.

Anonymous said...

It's everything I can ever dream of! I always wanted Disney to build a hotel that's a life size version of Cinderlla's castle. I've always been enchanted by that castle in the being of every Disney movie! I wish they would build one here in california!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an amazing hotel. I hope they'll build something like that in the states.

Anonymous said...

They won't/can't. In the States we're all about doing construction with the lowest bidder and with the cheapest parts. The Japanese aren't like that, they pay big bucks for luxury and excess.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly beautiful. And amazing prices! The room rates are comparable to or lower than the summer rates at the Disneyland Hotel, which isn't anywhere near as clean and well appointed (anyone check the DLH reviews on TripAdviser recently?), and less than the rates of the Grand Californian.

Alain Littaye said...

A kind reader just send me an email to tell me that the room prices i am quoting for the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel are for the least expensive rooms at the least expensive time of the year. It seems to be impossible to get rooms at those prices for most of the year.
In fact, room price for a standard room mid week this october is 41000 Yen per night ( $386 ) and 51000 Yen the week-end ( $ 480 ).

Anonymous said...

I'm going on a cruise in July 09 with Disney Legends Bob Gurr, X Atencio, Margaret Kerry, historian Michael Broggie, and former Disney Imagineer Teri Hardin. I can't wait!


kimonobox said...

Made a link to your post - today is the one year anniversary of disneyland hotel in Tokyo


Hotels Inn Grants Pass said...

wow, the hotel looks magnificent and grandiose. and I am sure the grown ups will have a great time here as much as the little ones.

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looks magnificent and grandiose. and I am sure the grown ups will have a great time here as much as the little ones.