Saturday, August 2, 2008

DLP Update Part Two : POTC Collectibles on sale at Harrington's shop !

For all Pirates of Caribbean fans expecting to visit DLP soon, it's a great news: gorgeous collectible sculptures of Pirates of Caribbean most famous scenes are now on sale at Harrington's shop on Main street U.S.A.

These one were created by the talented guys of Walt Disney Classic Collection. they are already sold in the U.S, but it's the first time that all of them are on sale at Disneyland Paris.

Among the different scenes, you can find: The auctioneer, The Red Head, The skeleton of Hurricane Lagoon, The Pirate with the pigs, etc...and the best one - for me - is the Prisonners with the dog scene - beautiful, just perfect.

as usual with the WDCC products, they are expensive - prices are between 250 and 550 euros - but i suppose that it is the price to pay for a perfect sculpture! Check the pictures below!

Photos by Daniel Rous for Disney and more


Unknown said...

I Just LOVE the "Hell" out of your site and would just like to say THANKS!

Michael of Utah

AKA Toadie

Alex said...

Don't buy any WDCC figurine in DLP. If you compare the prices they are even higher in Euros than in US-$. Just have a look here, to see the original prices in US-$:

Even our dealer here in Germany is cheaper than DLP. But I always order them in USA. Then they are still cheaper than in DLP even with 20% off.

It's a real bad advertising for the WDCC figurines.

Matt said...

Oh my god - I can't believe how high they're pricing those!