Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's summer, let's go on the beach .... at DLP !

Guests coming at Disney Parks have sometime strange behavior, but these two german tourists obviously decided that a beach is a beach, wherever it is........even if this is the one of Adventure Isle at DLP's Adventureland!

On this incredible-but-real picture below, shoot in June 1992 - two months after Disneyland Paris opening, obviously these two people were not aware of the park rules. It was hot, lot of sun , all they needed was a beach. And obviously they thought that Adventure Isle ( very ) private beach - at 10 meters from Pirates of Caribbean entrance - will be fine!

But as we know, all good things have an end, even at DLP, and 15 minutes later, a cast member came to remember them that it was not really allowed to step or lay down on Adventure Isle beach...!

Soon after this, back in 1992, SQS - the imagineering section at DLP - added driftwood piles on the beach to prevent any one to lay down on the beach again. in fact, this was not the only place where they had this kind a problem. at the entrance of Adventureland, they also added small fences , as young kids were going on the sand and play in the "dunes"!

More recently, at the WDS Toon Studio, a similar problem happenned with Luigi's Cars - the young kids who love the characters were climbing on them while their parents took a picture. SQS first put wood fences with "hot set" writing on it, but kids were going through and it didn't changed anything. So, they've built real metallic 50cm high fences are still going through! Their love for the Cars characters is so strong that nothing stop them to transgress!

Photo shoot in June 1992 by Daniel Rous

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Anonymous said...

Il y a aussi une pancarte disant, grossièrement, "attention aux crocodiles, plage interdite", que je ne vois pas sur cette photo et qui pourtant doit être à cet endroit, d'après mes souvenirs.