Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Editor's note: Today, a Saudi Arabia Cleric sent a fatwa against.....Mickey Mouse!...saying that Mickey Mouse "must die". More infos about this on the CNN Video HERE.
As soon as it will be available tomorrow, i'll let you know about Jay Rasulo mystery announcement in New York. Very probably, it will be the announcement of a new Disney marketing campaign "Magical Gatherings", don't expect major news about new attractions or Shanghai Disneyland...
In the meantime re-discover this rare 1952 lovely Disney short below " The Little House ".


Kim said...

hey , I love ur blog . Just wanted to tell you something . It seems like there wil be a waterpark for euro disney , go on then click projects than theme parks and you see ... Eurodisney Waterpark . Do you think this is really gonna happen?

Alain Littaye said...

Hello, i had a look at the Itec site, and unfortunately there is no further infos about this EuroDisney water park.
However, since the beggining of the DLP project, a water park called Lava Lagoon was supposed to be built on a big piece of land in front of the Santa Fe Hotel. For money reasons, the park was never built, but it may be in the future, who knows?