Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Disney's Hollywood Studios : New Artwork of " The American Idol Experience "

The Disney's Hollywood Studios " American Idol Experience " is schedule to open in January 2009, but, as Jim Hill told us in one of his recent article, a Christmas soft opening is possible.

The park just released some new artwork of this interactive attraction which will bring all the excitement of the popular television show to Disney's Hollywood Studios, and they give a better insight of how it should look inside the attraction.

First, for those of you who may not know yet what will happen inside the attraction, here is a description: "The American Idol experience will follow the model of the high-energy show. Disney guests will be able to experience the challenge of auditioning, the rush of performing on stage in competition, or the thrill of judging the performances in a live interactive entertainment setting with all the glitz and glamour of the distinctive "American Idol" set.

The experience will include an audition process, open to all eligible to register, where guests perform “live” in front of a Disney’s Hollywood Studios producer for the chance to be cast in a theme park show. If shown to have that star quality during the screening process and after backstage preparation - working with a vocal coach, hair and make-up - it’s lights up and showtime for the lucky guest in front of a “live” audience and a panel of judges.

Guest performers with the highest votes will compete in an end-of-day Grand Finale show at Walt Disney World, and the winner of the Grand Finale show will receive a guaranteed reservation for a future regional stadium audition for the "American Idol" TV show."

Soooo, let's come back to the artwork, and here is the already known but beautiful rendering of the outside.......

........as well as a closer shot on the tower located on the right side of the entrance.

This first new rendering depicts the queue area of "The American Idol Experience " - all the people on the artwork looks really happy!

This next one - obviously a computer artwork - depicts the audition process inside "The American Idol Experience ".

And this last rendering depicts the main scene inside this new attraction. Wow, the winner guest who will be on the stage better be not shy...!

One more picture for the road. Those of you familiar with the original show will recognize singer David Cook, who was recently crowned "American Idol" champion. Here, he poses during a break in shooting June 26, 2008 in a Los Angeles recording studio. A crew from Walt Disney World in Florida taped video segments with Cook in Los Angeles that will be utilize in the attraction.

When they announced the future opening of American Idol Experience some months ago, as i'm not familiar with the show - and although we have a similar one in France - i was not very excited by this new DHS addition. But now, i think that it's going to be fun, and of course tremendously popular with the young generations!

All pictures and artwork: copyright Disney

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