Wednesday, October 15, 2008

She can fly! She can fly! She can fly! - WowWee Robotics release flying Tinkerbell !

Some months ago, i've let you know about the upcoming Tinkerbell Flytech product developed by famous robotic company WowWee. Well, that's it, the flying Tinkerbell is now available and you can order it online on the WowWee web site for $39.99!

No video available yet , but only these two pictures. I guess that many children will have a flying Tinkerbell in their bedroom this Christmas. Also, i won't be surprised if the product was available soon at Disney parks, specially in the U.S near the Fairies meet and greet they are currently building...Oh, by the way, this flying Tinkerbell is of course remote controlled - well, you didn't think that she was really flying by herself, did you?

More details about it from the WSJ: "Perfect for indoor flight, the Tinker Bell flyer powered with FlyTech technology features graceful flight patterns and enchanting wing design and is an elegant, easy-to-use vertical flyer. She is equipped with a flower wand remote controller designed specifically for children's hands and a decorative stand for storage when she needs to rest her wings. With the wand, users control the height and speed of the Tinker Bell flyer with ease, allowing her to soar, dive and glide. The wand also serves as a power source with an LED charge indicator - 18 minutes of charging gives Tinker Bell a magical power boost allowing for up to 4 minutes of flight.
The Tinker Bell flyer is constructed of light-weight, crash-resistant materials that prevent her from getting into mischief. As an ideal introduction to flight, she will entertain and delight children by allowing them to interact with a "real" Disney character. Dual-band infrared controls also allow users to fly up to two Tinker Bell flyers together in one room."

Talking about WowWee robotics, they've also released recently a new robot called "Mr Personality" and it's the kind of little robot that could be on display at Epcot's Innoventions. " Mr Personality redefines the term personal robot. This fully animated and interactive talking companion exudes personality in everything he says and does. Like a cartoon character morphed into 3D, he can tell jokes, read your daily fortune, and even answer questions about your future. RS Mr. Personality’s full color LCD screen displays his personality with animated and synchronized facial features."

In robotic, one of the most difficult thing to achieve is face movements - ask WDI Imagineers, they know what i mean! - and so, WowWee did something smart on this one. Instead to have a real face, the face of the robot is a LCD screen and eyes, nose and mouth is a kind of cartoonish movie. You'll understand better with the video below. This Mr Personality is on sale for $299.99 on their web site.

WowWee also released many other robotics, like this WowWee Femisapien Humanoid Robot and you can see all of them at

All pictures and video: copyright WowWee

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