Friday, October 10, 2008

Tokyo Disneyland Halloween Part Two- Exclusive pictorial report by Paul Hsu

Here is part two of the pictorial report on Tokyo Disneyland Halloween by Paul Hsu. This time, we will have also a look at the Halloween parades.

We begin by Fantasyland and the Halloween decorations on Cinderella Castle ( above and below ).

There is two Hlloween parades at TDL. The "day" parade is called "Let`s Go Villains!" and here are some pictures of it, beginning by the float of the Evil Witch from Snow White.

Next one is the 101 dalmatians float with Cruella Devil's car.

The next float bring the dragon from Sleeping Beauty.

Here is Captain Hook's float. Strangely, the characters on the float are Lilo and may have notice that on the other floats it was the same: the "living" characters don't necessariliy match with the theme of the float...

This last picture show the Hercules float with Chip and Dale on the top.

In the evening, everything become eerie on the Castle plaza...

Here is a youtube video of this afternoon parade, my thanks to yuichiroyu

The same floats appear on the night parade "Banzai! Villains!" , with a unique lighting. Below, from the top, Evil Witch float , Jafar-Aladdin float, 101 dalmatians, Sleeping Beauty and Hadès-Hercules floats.

Here is a youtube video of the night parade, my thanks to europaview

Let's say again a big thanks to Paul for this great TDL report! Next week, Paul will be back on Disney and more with another report!

All pictures: copyright Paul Hsu. No reproductions allowed without his authorisation.

Youtube videos copyright yuichiroyu and europaview

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Happy 25th birthday. I went this year and it was really superb.