Monday, November 3, 2008

The Good Old Time of Disney LP Records

Good news for those who didn't like my endorsement for Obama yesterday, my Disney articles are back!

More seriously, and less provocative, today we will have a look back at the glorious time of Disney LP vinyl records and the first one above is the one which was released more than forty years ago with the song of It's a Small World and 18 favorite folk songs from 13 countries.

For each LP you will find the picture of the front and the back of the album. Photos are in high-res, so if you double-click to see them in big size, you'll be able to read the text in small letters on the back! Below, the back of the It's a Small World album.

Next one is the "Pirates of Caribbean" record with a fantastic cover! On the side 1, the "Pirates of Caribbean Adventure" was narrated by Thurl Ravenscroft.

This one is the rare "Firehouse Five plus Two" record...

And this one was a picture disk released at the time of the "America on parade" parade.

Let's end with pictures of the record of "the Haunted House" and a good news: this record was re-released recently on ITunes, and you can buy all the tracks on the ITunes Store!

Tomorrow, i will post the first par of a great artwork article and part two will be thursday, don't miss it!

LP records photos: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

What a great collection. I am so lucky that I had experienced Disney.

Anonymous said...

i have been trying to find an old disney record i used to listen to when i was young. the only thing i can remember was donald duck babysitting. have you heard of this record?