Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All about Disneyland Paris New " Mickey's Magical Party " 2009 Season !

The last four articles were talking about the "Disneyland Paris that never was", and i will end this year with a new article telling you all about DLP's future, i.e what has been now officially announced for 2009!

Here is a quite accurate translation of the french press release - Note: my french readers will find the original french version below.

Soooo, from April 4, 2009 until March 2010 Disneyland Resort Paris will celebrate "Mickey's Magical Party". For this new year Mickey Mouse invite the guests to live magical moments with a new season full of new parades, shows and attraction.

A new show "Place à la fête... avec Mickey et ses Amis" ( "On with the show...with Mickey and his friends" ) located on Central Plaza's new stage with the Lion King, Jungle Book and Aladdin characters

"Place à la Danse... à Discoveryland" ( "Let's Dance...at Discoveryland" ) with Stitch as the DJ. His mission : warm up the heat of Disneyland with an intergalactic dance stage.

Minnie will become the charming hostess dof a small train going up Main Street, U.S.A...

At the Walt Disney Studios: New show/parade: Disney's Stars 'n' Cars, a Hollywood extravaganza with the characters of Toy Story, Snow White, Monsters Inc, Mulan, Little Mermaid... and the Disney Villains. Personal note: Most of the themed cars are coming from the previous cars parade at the Disney-Mgm studios.

Always at the WDS: a new attraction: Playhouse Disney - Live ! ( Young ) Children will prepare for Minnie, along with Disney Channel heroes, the best birthday party ever organised.

From april 4, 2009, new dreams become reality at Disneyland Resort Paris with Mickey's Magical Party !

Above and below, the two new 2009 visuals released by the park. My opinion about this 2009 program is that it will be - as expected - a year of new shows although with a new "B" Ticket attraction at the WDS. After two years full of new major attractions and parades, it's pretty logical that the park slow down this year. New attractions will be back in 2010 with at least three small rides in a kind of "Toy Story land" at the WDS. I don't see any major E-Ticket before the 20th Anniversary in 2012 which doesn't mean we won't have new small but sympathetic rides before that date.

And now, here is the french version of the DLP press release.

2009 : une année exceptionnelle placée sous le signe de La Fête Magique de Mickey

A partir du 4 avril 2009 et jusqu'en mars 2010, Disneyland Resort Paris célèbre La Fête Magique de Mickey. Pour cette nouvelle année, Mickey Mouse se met sur son 31 et convie les visiteurs à vivre de grands moments de détente et d'évasion avec une saison remplie de nouveautés.

Nouveau spectacle : Les héros du Roi Lion, du Livre de la Jungle ou encore d'Aladdin prennent possession des lieux pour préparer une grande surprise... Place à la fête... avec Mickey et ses Amis sur la nouvelle scène de Central Plaza !

Place à la Danse... à Discoveryland avec DJ Stitch aux platines. Sa mission : faire monter l'ambiance du Parc Disneyland avec une piste de danse intergalactique.

Minnie devient l'hôtesse de chic et de charme d'un petit train qui va mener la danse dans Main Street, U.S.A.

Nouveau show au Parc Walt Disney Studios : Disney's Stars 'n' Cars, une cavalcade Hollywoodienne customisée par les héros de Toy Story, Blanche Neige, Monstres & Cie, Mulan, La Petite Sirène... sans oublier les Méchants Disney.

Nouvelle attraction : Avec Playhouse Disney - Live ! les enfants vont préparer pour Minnie, en compagnie des héros de Disney Channel, la plus belle fête d'anniversaire jamais organisée.

Dès le 4 avril 2009, de nouveaux rêves deviennent réalité à Disneyland Resort Paris avec La Fête Magique de Mickey !

Pictures and text: copyright Disneyland Resort Paris

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