Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Walt Disney World rewards Disney and more!

Walt Disney World has decided to reward Disney and more for "Astounding work in Disney and Imagineering tribute since one year and a half"! No kidding. So, from now, the next year in the Magic Kingdom is dedicated to...guess who? The answer is in the video below!

Awesome, isn't it? It's the coolest day of my life! Now, check the comments to understand more about all this, and don't miss, too, the "Disneyland that never was Artwork" article below!


Alain Littaye said...

Of course, it's a joke. I wish it was true, but it's not! It's a genius marketing idea from WDW marketing dept. If you've seen the video to the end, you've probably noticed the link on the last image. I strongly recommand you to click on it, as you can be the next one to be the special guest of the year!

For those of you thinking "how did they do this", i must add that technically speaking, it's truly amazing how fast the "special effects" with the name are done. It's instantaneous, so hat's up for the guy who created the software!

Anonymous said...

That was pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Good joke, Orange made a ad like this few days ago with Chabbal, the French Rugbymen ! New way of advertising ! Pretty Cool ... Nice try, even if i knew from the start it was a joke ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Once you've gave your email, when do you receive the video?
By the way I loooove this idea, and i strongly believed in the Littaye tribute in disney World lol

Unknown said...

es realmente impresionante, comprendo tu emocion y alegria. Es para muy feliz. Muchas gracias por todo el trabajo q haces y por todo lo q nos enseñas. Muchas gracias y un saludo

Alain Littaye said...

Soooo, here is the truth about this video above, a kind of April fools in Christmas time!: This is a marketing operation of WDW marketing dept. Anybody can have the same video with his or her name on it, all you have to do is to click on the video at the end of it. You will be directed to another page where Disney will ask your name and email adress as well as email adresses of three of your friends to whom you wish to send the video. No need to say that you can expect to receive in the future in your mail box some email from Disney!
What is really amazing is how fast the special effects with the name are done. It's done instantly, and that's the most stunning part of it. The company who provided all the voodoo magic here is based in Luxembourg, specialised in amazing marketing operations and is called Vanksen. Pretty good work, isn't it?
The only thing which is not possible is to download the video, probably for legal issues. try it and enjoy!

Mark said...

I'd give you the real award!


Anonymous said...

All Cast Members with outlook access received this from Jay Rasulo a few days ago. However, in most cases, Goofy will say the name of the person instead of "our special guest". My guess is that he would have had to read of millions of names. Anybody have any idea how that would have been done?

Alain Littaye said...

In fact the man who is doing Goofy's voice recorded the top 500 male and 550 top female names in the U.S. If your name is not or on the list - it defaults you "our special guest" instead to say a name.
In my case, my first name is Alain who is not a list because it is a french spelling. If, instead of "Alain" my first name would have been Allen or Alan Goofy will actually say the name.