Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tokyo Disneyland special report : Part One : Monsters Inc Ride and Go Seek

Randie Soul, Disney and more contributor was travelling in Japan early this month and bring back to us lot of pictures of Tokyo Disneyland. Today, the part one of this pictorial report with new and exclusive pictures of the Monsters Inc Ride and Go Seek area.

When you arrive at the park, you can't miss the new Tokyo Disneyland Hotel on the left...

...but you can't miss too the new Monsters Inc building! Located in Tomorrowland the building is high enough to be seen even before you enter the park.

When you exit "World Bazaar", turn on the right, and you're almost there.

The building on the left of Monsters Inc is the one of Star Tours, much bigger than the one we have in Paris! In the part two of this report we will have a closer look to it.

Monsters Inc Ride and Go Seek sponsor is Panasonic, and you can't miss it.

The building is now finished since many weeks and all palisades were removed. Now, all what we want is to see these doors open!

Hey, but they ARE opening! Look who's coming! Mike and Sulley!


Although the ride won't open officially before April, the two characters appear every day for photo sessions with guests!

Just in case you wonder if there was guests in the park that day, here is a picture to show you that it was the case.

The photo session is over, Mike and Sulley are going back inside Monsters Inc!




Let's have a look to other parts of the area. Here are the Fast Pass...

On the left, an area where guests can sit and rest a bit.

A closer look to the attraction posters...

On the right, the future merchandise shop "Monsters Inc Company Store"...

...and even the backstage doors have the Monsters Inc logo!

Another view of the entrance, more "panoramic".

And now, here are the first pictures of the building at night with its great lighting!

Monsters Inc Ride and Go Seek is opening in April, but we can expect soft opening before. Paul, regular Disney and more contributor in Tokyo is trying to know when it will begin, but the secret is well kept by Oriental Land!

In the part two coming soon, we will continue to explore TDL Tomorrowland. Don't miss it!

All pictures: copyright Randie Soul whom we all thanks a lot!

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