Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Disney Shopping release new Pinocchio Collectibles

Two weeks ago i've posted a quite harsh article about the D23 merchandise section and their now famous $849 pen. Some days later, Jim Hill posted an article called "Give the Geeks a Chance" where he says that Steven B. Clark, the head of D23 was just as Disney geek as we can be. And you know what? Jim is right.

By all what i've heard in the last two weeks, Steven B. Clark is indeed a real Disney fan. Now, my article was "exclusively" harsh about the merchandise section, and by what i've been told Steven is not at all in charge of the D23 merchandise products.
So, just in case Steven was hurt by my article, i want to send him my real apologies. As i've said, i think that D23 is a real good initiative, the D23 magazine too - although a bit expensive - and i sincerely wish him all the best for the D23 future.
I know enough the company to know how amazingly difficult it can be to DO this kind of initiative, and i hope it will be successful. Really, i mean it.

Now, as for Disney Shopping or Disney Consumers product division who were the target of my previous article, to be perfectly fair they can also design cool Disney collectibles, and the new Pinocchio items released recently - simultaneously with the release of the Blue Ray collector's edition - are a good example. Let's have a closer look at them.

First, there is of course this Limited Edition Pinocchio Marionette at $199.50

This one and only 30"" high Limited Edition Pinocchio Marionette is a numbered limited edition of 500 and "comes straight from Geppetto's workshop with his artfully crafted expression and fully-jointed arms and legs. The costume of the ''Little Woodenhead'' is intricately detailed with buttons, embroidered accents and golden trim on his lederhosen and vest, plus pleated bow tie, white collar and a soft velour hat topped with a felt feather".

There is also this hand-painted, limited edition of 1200, sculpted resin set of 3 Limited Edition Pinocchio Figurines at $99.50 with a metallic character nameplate on base of each statuette.

One of my favorite is this Limited Edition Whistling Jiminy Cricket Figurine at $79.50

This highly-detailed 8" high Jiminy Cricket maquette captures the personality and design of Jiminy Cricket. "When a motion-sensitive feature hidden in the statue's base is activated, your "Official Conscience" gives a little whistle to remind you that he'll always be at your side". There is a Metallic "Jiminy Cricket" nameplate on base and it's a limited edition of 900.

Another cool item is this 16" high Limited Edition Sculpted Pinocchio Clock at $199.50

Crafted with old world charm in the style of Walt Disney's animated classic, this Pinocchio wall clock strikes all the right notes with its intricate design and cheerful patterns. Four figural sculptures of the favorite characters adorn the timepiece. Staged before the face, Geppetto and Figaro send Pinocchio off to school with a notebook and apple for the teacher, while Jiminy Cricket floats on his umbrella high above the rooftop. Peek into the toy shop from decorative windows on each side.
It includes pendulum and pine cone-shaped counterweights and it's a numbered limited edition of 400.

More affordable is this 9" high Deluxe Pinocchio Journal at $24.50

Reproducing the Old World storybook from the film's opening sequence, this Pinocchio diary features a soft bound cover embossed with an icon of Geppetto's "Little Woodenhead".

If you're among those who like snowglobes, my favourite is this 9" high Monstro the Whale Snowglobe at $79.95 with an automatic blower function and translucent waves

There is also this 11" high World of Disney Jiminy Cricket Snowglobe at $99.95 which take you back to the days of old time radio. Jiminy is perched on a speaker crooning his greatest hit while a colorful cast of Walt Disney characters gather around to hear the broadcast. Note that it is not a functional "real" radio. Other characters include Jiminy Cricket, Snow White, Dumbo, Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse, Bambi, Thumper, Dopey, Alice, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

As you've seen, when Disney Shopping want to design cool collectibles, they can do it. Okay, that's the kind of collectibles they produce three or four times each year but it also would be the perfect collectibles for the D23 merchandise section. Now, if they could add a "theme park collectibles" section this would be just perfect. C'mon folks, you can do it, it's not that difficult. You did it perfectly for DL 50th Anniversary - that was only four years ago - so we're sure you can do it again.

In the meantime you can find these Pinnochio collectibles right HERE on page 3 of the "new arrivals" section.

Pictures: copyright Disney