Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mickey's Magical Party begin in one month at DLP !

I will have a new update later this week with new pictures i've shoot at DLP this week-end and good news are on the program. In the meantime, we will also talk about DLP today as Disneyland Paris has released brand new visuals for each of the new shows and parades of the "Mickey's Magical Party" beginning April 4.

Here they are with a brief description for each show/parade.

First, "On with the show...with Mickey and his friends" will be located on Central Plaza's where new stages are currently being built. Expect a high-octane show as there will be stages in each corner and in the center of Central Plaza. You can hear the new musical theme "It's Party Time" on the belgium Pixie Dust web site.
The Media Magic web site did a long interview - in french - of creative director Kat de Blois who explain pretty well this new concept of "partytainment" : "In front of Sleeping Beauty castle the concept of the show is a "giant party". Whether you'll walk in front of the castle or come from Frontierland or Discoveryland, the party will be there, right in front of you, with a lot of interactivity. In the same way, Disney's Stars 'n' Cars at the WDS will be a reminiscence of a grand Hollywood party, like the Oscars with the celebrities arriving in luxurious cars. Disney characters will arrive in cars at the "Place des Stars" of Production Courtyard, then the characters will move out of the cars, go on stage for a musical number and then will meet the guests and sign autographs. Mickey will be the director."

"Let's Discoveryland" with Stitch as the DJ. His mission : warm up the heat of Disneyland with an intergalactic dance stage. Stitch will suddenly appear with his flying saucer and dancers in front of Discoveryland's Star Traders.
Mickey will also be there at Videopolis as it will be transformed in a big movie theatre "cinéma Mickey". Whether you'll be at Videopolis you'll be able to watch Mickey cartoons festival from the first short animated to the one of the 1950's, non-stop during one hour. The bad news is that "The Lion King" show won't play anymore at Videopolis, at least this year.

Minnie will become the charming hostess of a small train going up Main Street, U.S.A...
Basically, it will be the 15th anniversary train, repainted to Minnie's colours and may be with a new musical theme. Have a closer look at the rendering on the picture to discover the new design of the train!

At the Walt Disney Studios a new show/parade: Disney's Stars'n'Cars, a Hollywood extravaganza with the characters of Toy Story, Snow White, Monsters Inc, Mulan, Little Mermaid... and the Disney Villains. Read above for more details. Personal note: Most of the themed cars are coming from the previous cars parade at the Disney-Mgm studios.

And, finally, always at the WDS, the new "attraction" of this year: Playhouse Disney - Live ! which, more or less, is the same show that one can see at DCA but will be played at different times in three languages: french, english and spanish.

The park also launched a new website specially for this "Mickey's Magical Party". Note the use in the design of "balloons". UP! will be released in Europe this summer and i think it's a pretty smart idea from the park to "play" with this balloons image as they will be part of the new Pixar movie. Between UP! and DLP, we're gonna see a lot of balloons this year in Disney's marketing campaign ...

Also on the site, something fun called "Disney Toonificator". Do you want to magically transform yourself in a "Toon"? Go ahead, the "Disney Toonificator" does it for you instantly!

Here is the DLP trailer for this "Mickey's Magical Party"!

See you later this week for my own DLP update!

Pictures and Video: copyright Disneyland Resort Paris


HildeKitten said...

I've already been playing around with the Toonifier. It's not very cooperative when you try to turn your own picture into a toon, but it's pretty fun to create your toon from their "basic toon" stash.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the musical theme... It sounds like a bad mid-90s Disney Channel experience to me... Am I the only one?

Of course, it has to appeal to a broad range of people, young and old, but please, come up with something less headache inducing and boring stuff.

Anonymous said...

John, I totally agree with you... I hate this new music. It sounds like a bad video game theme from the 90s...!
And frankly, using the PotC theme to promote the new show... It doesn't work for me. It's like they couldn't even come up with a new and special theme!
Anyway, I'm so sad that the 15th Anniversary is over... I'm gonna be grumpy for a while, about anything really!