Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy 17th Anniversary , Disneyland Paris !

Today is Disneyland Paris 17th Anniversary! Yes, already 17 years since the park opened in 1992, unbelievable how the time goes fast...

To celebrate this, here is a series of high-res wallpaper pictures shoot during the Mickey's Magical Party grand opening last month. All the pictures show the new Mickey and friends show on Central Plaza. Enjoy, and Happy Birthday DLP!

At the end of the party, Mickey was on the top of Main Street Station to salute each guest leaving the park!

All pictures: copyright Disney


Sparkyfra said...

Stunning pictures!
I'll be in Disneyland Resort Paris very soon...I can't wait!
Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris!

Sue said...

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john321 said...

Very impressive pictures.

A stupid question maybe, but did you take them yourself? And if you did, how did you do that without a crane? You must be flying above Main Street or the hub ;)

Alain Littaye said...

John, all the pictures are Disneyland Paris official pictures. The best way to know who did the pictures in each of my articles is to look the credits at the end of the topic.
When it's written: copyright Disney, it means that it's Disney pictures.