Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Discover the incredible yooouuutuuube.com effect !

Hello everybody. It's not really a "Tech" article today, it's all about animation. And this yooouuutuuube.com effect is pretty incredible as you will see. By the way, i didn't do any mistake when i typed the word, this web site is really called yooouuutuuube.com, and you will understand why in a minute.

Now, what's so magical with this yooouuutuuube.com? Well, yooouuutuuube.com is a web site that allows you to create an amazing frame-by-frame video wall display. And all you have to do is to enter the URL of your choice of a YouTube video and choose the pixel size that you wish for every image, and that's it! It takes less than one minute, it's totally free, and visually speaking the effect is awesome!

Really? Yes, really! Let's take as first example the brand new "Princess and the Frog" trailer. To have a look at the yooouuutuuube.com effect with it CLICK HERE and come back after, as there is more to see!

In my opinion the effect works great with animated films - like this editing of Alice in Wonderland with an electronic song on it. Click HERE to see it.

I did another try with the "You can fly" sequence from Peter Pan, but you have to wait that the song begin. Click HERE to see it.

It's also spectacular with music videos. Have a look at this one that i did for you using Britney Spears "Toxic" video clip. Click HERE to see it.

When i saw this amazing and-so-easy-to-do effect i thought that it should work well with a fireworks sequence. I found one of the new Tokyo Disneyland fireworks, and, bingo!, it looks great! (please note that the fireworks will begin after the first 15 seconds). Click HERE to see it.

By the way, the yooouuutuuube video effect never stops! which mean that you can use it as a wallpaper video for your computer if you wish. To stop, simply go back to the previous page.

Now, as i am sure that some of you would like to try with your own video choice, here is the link for the yooouuutuuube.com main page. Remember: all you have to do is to introduce a youtube url and to choose the pixels size of each image, and that's it! Very easy, and very spectacular!

If you're happy with your own creation, you can post the link in the comments, we will go to have a look at it! And of course let me know what you think of all this!


Pictures: copyright Disney

Hat Tip to Cartoon Brew !


Web Gangsta said...

Cool stuff, Alain. You're right, some music videos work great. I liked how the TRON Light Cycle race looked, once the race got underway.

Alain Littaye said...

This one is fantastic, Web Gangsta! thanks for the link, i think the effect looks GREAT with Tron!

moyue said...

How fun is this web site! Disney clips and music videos look great with this site, so what would happen when you combine the two? Magic! :)