Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Introducing the new " Disney and more Artwork " web site !

Hello, all. Today I have the pleasure to introduce a new Disney and more web site called "Disney and more Artwork". As promised recently, this is the first of a series of new D&M sites, one for each main sections that you can see on the right column.

You can discover "Disney and more Artwork" HERE.

And now, some explanations about why i am creating these new D&M sites: Although Disney and more looks more and more like a site than a blog, the Blogger structure is still there, "behind", and some things are impossible to do. For instance, on a real web site, if you click on a button to go to another section - let's say for instance the "pictures" section - you can have a different design on that page or a different header, colours, etc... With a blog structure it's different. If you click on any link on the side bar, you'll arrive on the page of the article, but with the same header image, etc...

And, as i would like precisely to change the design, header, colours, for each section, the question was: how to resolve this problem. I found the solution and this will allow me to begin the "phase two" of the D&M new design. In fact, the trick is to create new blogs for each section (artwork, pictures, Disneyland Paris, etc...) and that's what i'm doing. Little by little i will transfert each article of each section of the "home" blog to its new blog - the "artwork" articles in the "Disney and more artwork" blog, for instance - and once it'll be done, all the "artwork" articles links you have on the side bar will disappear except one link to the "Disney and more artwork" blog. A normal reader won't even notice that he's sent from a blog to another one, but most of all it will allow to have different colours, a different header, etc... in all, there should be more or less ten different "Disney and more" blogs, just as many sections you'll have now on the side bar.

The goal, finally, is to give you an even more pleasant web site, but also more beauty, with a simple, classical but timeless design, as you will see when everything will be finished. The first articles on D&M Artwork are the "Disneyland Paris that never was" articles posted two years ago. Even if you have read them before, i'm sure you'll take pleasure to re-discover them again. All along this week i will transfer little by little all the other archives artwork articles, and normally it should be finished by the end of next week. Hope you will enjoy this new "Disney and more Artwork" site - some details still have to be improved - and thanks to let me know in your comments what you think of it!

PS: By the way, talking about artwork, two new artwork articles are coming soon on D&M!

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