Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blue Sky Cellar "World of Color" Artwork Video

The new Blue sky cellar is now open at Disney's California adventure with plenty of new "World of Color" artwork as well as new models. World of Color will combine hundreds of magnificent fountains, dazzling colors and an all-new kaleidoscope of audio and visual effects to take water-infused entertainment to a new level of artistry. The production will flood the senses, taking audiences on an imaginative journey into the colorful worlds of animated Disney classics such as Alice in Wonderland, The Lion King and Pocahontas, along with Disney•Pixar films Toy Story, WALL-E and many more.

A video presentation is shown inside to show Guests what they can expect from World of Color and the other offerings coming to Disney's California Adventure in the next several years, and the always excellent MintCrocodile had the good idea to film it, here it is.

And, talking about World of Color, Disneyland also posted on Youtube a great behind the scenes video of the works in DCA's lagoon!

You can also see lot of pictures of this new artwork on Mice Chat.

Videos: copyright Disney or MintCrocodile

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Brian said...

Wow World of colour seems to be a great new show in Disneyland! It's probably a kind of show that's nowhere else in the world, with the water and the lighteffects, great! Probably a good idea for the future of WDS. Also like the new Cars rides, which could be a good ride for WDS as well. Both cost probably a lot of money.

I do think that it's time for WDS to finish the theatre district in the with Stitch, Playhouse and Cinemagique (in future Soarin), to give it a little more theming, because right now it really feels like nothing! It's got no theming, is a big open place wit a lot of asphalt and kinda cold buildings.