Monday, July 27, 2009

Ultimate Toy Story toys to be released this fall

A little topic about merchandise today, as launched the "Toy Story Collection". What, you say, after all these years of Toy Story toys they release AGAIN some Buzz Lightyear or Woody action figures? Yes they do, but these are not any action figure, they are the "Ultimate" interactive Toy Story toys, the one that any Toy Story fan was waiting for since the first release of the movies!

Let me tell you more about three of them. First, of course, Buzz Lightyear. Released in September and soon available for pre-order, this 12" "highly detailed, definitive collectors deluxe edition Buzz Lightyear figure is the most accurate replica yet produced and includes lots of fantastic features! He's fully articulated, lights up, has sound effects, speaks using the original voice and can even respond by talking and moving his head when you talk with him".

More details? Here they are. This 12" Buzz includes:

- In Talk Back Mode, Buzz talks back and moves his head when you speak to him
- 65 sayings in original voice
- Press buttons to hear ''Buzz Toy'' phrases and Space Ranger phrases
- Open helmet or communication panel to hear related phrases and sound effects
- Press button for flying mode and pop-out wings with light-up tips
- Level sensor knows when Buzz is in a horizontal flying position or standing and responds with specific phrases
- Poseable fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, waist, ankles, knees and legs
- ''Laser'' button activates forearm light and sound effects
- Buzz knows when you're shouting and responds!
- Film accurate paint details, using original Disney/Pixar digital data files
- Glow-in-the-dark green trim

Price for this ultimate Buzz Lightyear produce by Thinkway Toys is $65

The new Woody - also $65 - is 15" high and is also pretty cool. Here are its features:

- Pull string to hear 50 sayings!
- He knows if you're shouting or talking quietly to him and responds accordingly to the tone of your voice
- Soft rag doll body
- Film accurate paint details, using original Disney/Pixar digital data files
- Includes stand to display Woody
- 15'' H
- Sized to ride the Andy's Toys Collection: RC Car, sold separately

Also release is the REX 13" action figure with features including motorized arms and head. Just like Buzz and Woody and when you'll talk to him he will respond with movement and speech in the original voice from the movie. Also $65 and available for pre-order.

I've kept the best one for the end, and this one is the real "ultimate" toy Story toy! This ultimate Buzz Lightyear will be a 16" tall robotic figure and will also be available this Fall for $130-$150. With 100 different phrases and interactive games, he will have different motions via a 15 command controller. Just like the other toys Buzz will answer you when you will talk to him. Have a look to the Gizmodo video below.

Buzz Lightyear Robot Toy from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

Looks pretty cool isn't it? Not as cool as the big Buzz Lightyear AA in the Buzz attraction pre-show, but almost!

With the upcoming release of Toy Story 1,2 and 3 movies - not to mention the Toy Story Playland attractions at the WDS and HKDL - it's not difficult to understand why they release this "Toy Story collection" right now. But for Toy Story hardcore fans these new "ultimate toys" - who never looked so close to Andy's original toys - could be a real good news.

All pictures: copyright Disney

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