Sunday, August 16, 2009

Looking towards the future...

Frankly, the next three years are not going to be easy for Disney fans web sites. And especially theme parcs articles. Why, you ask? Well, you see, we all have a big problem as almost any new attractions, lands, etc...are known and most of them have been officially announced or will be in a near future.

I know, I know, the Disney marketing machine is so incredible that we can count on them for weekly special announcements. But for Disney fans who always eagerly await what will be the next big one, i'm sorry to say that all of you could almost go to sleep and come back in quite a while when we will have something else than fences and cranes all around the pictures to show you.

And I don't talk about Disney movies! Here, too, we know most of the program: Princess and the Frog this Year, Rapunzel in 2010 with also Toy Story 3, The Bear and the Bow and Cars 2 in 2010, Prep and Landing, eventually if they find a good idea Monsters Inc 2, Tron Legacy, John Carter of Mars, Prince of Persia, Pirates of Caribbean 4, 20000 Leagues under the sea prequel, Brad Bird's "1906" - about San Francisco 1906 earthquake, etc... without forgetting some nice short animated from Disney or Pixar. Of course we still have to discover all these great movies, there will be trailers, pictures, artwork, etc... but we know already what to expect at least until 2012.

Let's come back to theme parks where the problem is even worst. As i've said - and although a great news awaits you at the end of the article - we know already what will be the new attractions that WDI will build in the next three years. Thanks God, there is still a huge surprise to come with Shanghaî Disneyland and hopefully - if the chinese officials finally stop to ask more and more from the WDC - we can expect an announcement probably this fall. And i agree there will be a lot to talk about it - and hopefully artwork to show - when the big news will be finally announced.

But for other Disney parks in the world, it's another problem. Don't believe me? Let's do the list of what is planning for each park until 2012-13, whether it's officially announced or not.

Disneyland, Anaheim

2009 - A new Disney Gallery, Great Moments with Mr Lincoln come back, Tiana's Show Boat Jubilee, New Monorails, and eventually the come back of Captain EO

2010 - World of Wonder Parade

2011 - Star Tours 2

Others with no dates : A new Tomorrowland with probably a new movie to replace Honey I schrunk the audience, People Mover come back, etc...

Disney's California Adventure

2010 - World of Color show, Silly Simphony Swings, Goofy's sky school, Paradise Gardens

2011 - New DCA entrance, Carthay theater, Red Trolley Transportation, New show for Hyperion theatre, and probably a new show to replace the Muppets 3D

And most of all, the highly awaited Little Mermaid Ride

2012 - Cars Land with Tow Mater's Junkyard jamboree and Luigi's Roamin Tires attractions and the major E+ Ticket Radiator Springs Racer (not too mention other great Restaurants and shops like Flo's Restaurant, Filmore's Organic Foods, etc...)

2013 - Soarin' over the World

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

Fall 2011-2012 - New Fantasyland with The Little Mermaid, Cinderella and Aurora houses meet and greet, Belle's Village, Gaston's Tavern, Be our Guest Restaurant.


Nothing, or almost, before 2012 and probably the new Soarin' over the world movie

Disney's Hollywood studios

2011 - Star Tours 2

The Monsters Inc coaster is apparently cancelled for now, WDW putting all the money - probably around $250 M - in the new MK Fantasyland.

Animal Kingdom

May be a good surprise to expect, but probably not before 2012

Tokyo Disneyland

2011 - Mickey's Philarmagic

Tokyo Disney Sea

Fall 2009 - Turtle talk with Crush (inside the Columbia ship)

Not officially announced and no dates yet but very probably coming: Soarin' over the world and a Toy Story Mania attraction apparently on a different theme

Hong Kong Disneyland

2011 - Toy story Land

2012 - Grizzly Trail

2013 - Mystic Point

Disneyland Paris

No attractions announced for DLP Magic Kingdom but may be Star Tours 2 in 2012, and probably a new movie to replace Honey I schrunk the audience in Discoveryland. We can also count on new shows or parades for DLP 20th

Fantasyland - The Little Mermaid should come to Fantasyland but probably not before 2014 if Ratatouille stays as the 20th Anniversary attraction

Walt Disney Studios

2010 - Toy story playland

2012 - Ratatouille dark ride

Also expected : A WDS expansion and a night show, Soarin' over the world, New Hotels and Disney Village expansion, World of Disney shop, Villages Nature with a big water park, all this, let's say, between 2011 and 2015-17

And that's it. Now, frankly, is there any big surprise for you in this list? For 90% of them we've already seen artwork, we know exactly where attractions will be build, etc... For sure Disney will release more infos little by little - i think we can expect more details about the WDW MK new Fantasyland during the D23 Expo - but don't expect WDI Imagineers to tell you all about the most awaited attractions like the Little Mermaid ride or Cars Land Radiator Springs Racer.

Which means what? It means that for the next three years parks weekly updates will show a lot of construction works pictures, with cranes all around, fences, etc, etc... And although it will be fun to watch DCA's Cars Land become reality, we must not forget that the final buildings won't rise before two years or so. As usual it's all the preparative ground process which takes most of the time. Of course there will be the new World of Color show next year, but, hey, it's a fountain show! Which means that it will be beautiful during the show, and that there will be nothing to look at when the show will be over, no decor, no building, nothing, except of course the new Paradise Park. Only the Orange Stinger and Mulholland Madness re-theming will bring some kind of new visual elements in 2010 at DCA. The rest of the park is going to be a big mess until 2011, but we all know that's the price to pay to have a real nice and enjoyable park.

In Florida it's even worst as there is definitely no new attractions to expect before at least fall 2011-12 - which will be also the date of the two new Disney Cruise Line ships. I don't want to be provocative, but thanks God, the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure will open in 2010!

So, everybody - i mean the main Disney fans web sites - will show almost the same pictures of construction works, etc... I think it's going to be a bit boring to see the same pictures and that's why i've decided to stay out of the game. It doesn't mean that i will stop new Disney and more articles, but it means that i will leave other sites - which generally do it extremely well and even better than me - do their weekly update. Very probably i will do new articles only once or twice a week, with DLP updates when there will be something new to show, but not more. I've noticed that we are now all talking about the same things, same news, and it doesn't make sense, really.

Of course i will keep an eye on the daily Disney news and you can count on D&M to react as fast as before when a REAL major news will be announced - like Shanghaî Disneyland, for instance.

Talking about new Disney park, i've kept for the end the scoop news! First, you may have read the OC Register August 14th article. Basically, the article announces that a parking lot will be build on part of the land where Disney envisioned to build the third Californian Disney park. Apparently it's not good news, but the parking lot won't stay forever, probably not more than ten years. So, all hopes are not lost for this third theme park, it just mean that we don't have to expect it before 2018-20.

And when i've read that, i thought "that's interesting...". Why? Well, simply because my good sources confirmed me recently that another "third" Disney theme park should rise at the horizon 2020. But this one will be on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

That's right, Disneyland Paris executives are seriously planning to open a third theme park at DLP "at the horizon 2017-20". And please, don't ask me what will be its theme as not only i don't know it, but probably DLP executives don't know it either. There is plenty of land available to build a third theme park and in the next 8-10 years WDI Imagineers will obviously propose different themes to DLP management. But don't expect any official announcement before at least eight years, if not ten.

As for an opening date, i will bet more on 2020 or 2022 - the 30th anniversary - than 2017. Why? Simply because they need to expand the Walt Disney Studios and transform DLP's second gate in a real full day park before opening a third theme park. Considering all what remains to be done to achieve this goal, i think it will take them at least 8 years, if not ten. As generally a new theme park opening matches with a big anniversary date, 2017 - DLP 25th anniversary date - looks too close to me for the opening of a third park. But 2022 - DLP 30th anniversary - for all the reasons explained above looks a more reasonable date...although they could also decide to don't wait for a "special anniversary" date and that "2020" is a good date in itself. Let's also hope that they will have learn from the WDS mistakes and that this third park will be from day one a real full day park...

But yes, Disneyland Paris executives are definitely planning a third theme park for the resort, and that's a great news for all DLP fans.

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Unknown said...

talking about DLP, this doesn't sound good! I've visited the MK after not having been there several years and there was absolutely nothing new. For me there is no reason for revisiting the park the next five years at least.
What bothers me more, is that there seem to be no large changes planned for the Studio's park. It is a really terrible themepark. I have never visited anything so badly designed and so cheaply looking. The only thing I really enjoyed was the Tower of Terror, which is absolutely beautiful and the Crush's Coaster, which looks cheapy but is real fun.
This park really needs major new rides, at least 2 new E-Tickets and lots of retheming. According to your list, only one is planned.
I am disappointed by the parks for the lack of new attractions in the MK and the absolute lack of anything Disney in the Studios.
I would appreciate it however, if you could show us what is being planned for the Studios.
Keep up your good website!

Anonymous said...

Toy Story Mania was confirmed for TDS in a press release from Oriental Co. a few months ago....

Matthrix said...

Un article vraiment interressant :)
Tout semble assez coherent.
Maintenant, a voir si l'economie mondiale va suivre !
Un Star Tours 2 pour la France, ca serait vraiment le top ! Georges Lucas a t il evoqué quelque chose a ce sujet ?
Et concernant Ratatouille, cela semble l'evidence meme !

Mark said...

Great post- sad but true!
Thankfully, Disney just gave us something to watch: a DCA time lapse video:


Kurt said...

I am very disappointed that there is so little new at WDW. As an annual passholder, it makes me wonder if I want to continue. $250M for a new Fantsyland area that is just a bunch of new meet and greet houses and a restaurant???? What a waste of money. Maybe they should just get rid of the rides and simply be character signings, gift shops and restaurants.

Can you tell I am not happy?

Mark said...

I agree that DLP needs to finish its second gate before worrying about a third one, but all these expansion plans are good nonetheless.

And you run a great site here, regardless of how much news there is!

Brian said...

I agree too that it's time to improve WDS Paris hugely within the next few years. They need to add a new 'land' to it as well, in order to make the park a lot bigger and to offer more rides to the visitors. Possibly to take place behind Rock N Rollercoaster. Or they could create a big Paris-themed area around the new Ratatouille-ride.

Will the third park be a real attraction-based park? Or could it be an animalpark or a swimmingpark as well? I can't image that there is still enough creativity in order to build another park with great rides. Think that a huge indoor swimming park like Lava Lagoon the best option is.

D Gosselin said...

I belive the reason that they are building a 3rd gate is simple: They have to.

By 2017, Disney is contractually obligated to begin work on a third gate in France. The last instance I can find of Disney mentioning the European EPCOT dates to 1995; I assume that idea is long-dead, and more recent rumors mention a park with a nature theme. It’s been speculated that Disney is obligated to only put something on the third park plot, which was partially the basis of their interest last year in bringing an F1 racetrack to the resort. By putting the racetrack on the plot intended for the third park, they could buy time to raise funds for a third park while finishing the first two. By the time they were ready for a third gate, it would be easy to remove the racetrack.

While the F1 deal fell through, it’s unclear what Disney intends to do with the land. It’s conceivable that the possibilities could range from a parking lot to a theme park, but if we ever do see that expansion I’m still hopeful that Lava Lagoon will not be far behind.

RandySavage said...


The heart of Disney&More is your exclusive interview series with ex-Imagineers and their hard-to-find concept art.

News on actual new projects could be slow for a few years (save for Shanghai, which may be huge when unveiled), but, like you said, when that kind of news breaks, all the sites cover it.

Yours is one of the only sites that tells the in-depth backstory on what was imagined but never built... you can keep to your forte in the slow news times.

Anonymous said...

merci pour cet article. Quelle déception de ne rien voir arriver à DLP dans les prochaines années... surtout pour le 20e anniversaire.
Les attractions Pixar que j'ai pu faire sont décevantes et ne relancent pas l'innovation des parcs Disney comme les films ont pu le faire.

Esperons que les projets du 20e anniversaire soient quand meme plus excitants !

Kevin said...

I'm just glad to hear that they're building something in all 5 Disney resorts worldwide. Not that long ago we had very little to go off of and it was a very slow time. I don't really mind watching construction pics cause I know that much needed work is getting done instead of talking about rumors about what "could" be.

As for the 3rd park for France, they still have so much to do on the 2nd one I hope they carefully think it out and don't just rush into it with little money again.

Anonymous said...

Whoever writes these articles really needs to work on spelling and grammar, it's really at a level that should be embarrassing.

MarkTwain said...

He's French, dude. How well can you type daily, lengthy articles in French?

Anonymous said...

Captain EO is most assuredly not coming back. Trust me on this. They looked into it briefly after Jackson's death but only on a preliminary, exploratory basis and the idea was promptly discarded. Trust me on this. I know the people who did the numbers on it. That whole attraction system, even the structure itself, is next to shot and they're not going to spend millions retrofitting it for this purpose.

Anonymous said...

2012 - Toy Story Mania - Confirmed - (5/8/09) The OLC confirmed today that a copy of the popular Toy Story Mania attraction will be built in DisneySea, in the New York themed area of the American Waterfront. The new ride will be built for an estimated 11.5 billion Yen.

Look at artwork here.

robert said...

dear alain where is 3rd park giong be at disneyland resort paris ? and i am hope that they need get more park and hotel at disneyland resort paris

Anonymous said...

i have actually heard a 2016-2917 timeline for a third gate in Anaheim.

That timeline would coincide with the temporary parking lot timeline which states that it would stay open for six years but iwth the possibility of expanding it to ten years. By then the new parking structure should be built which should allow them to close down that temporary parking lot.

The city is also building another large parking structure for the convention center which contractually could be used by Disney and they also have a contract with the Anaheim garden walk to use that parking structure.

great article by the way.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the Magic Kingdom in WDW being disappointing. I've been to WDW 4 times during my lifetime, and as it is I doubt I'll return. The latest "big" ride was Expedition Everest, and it's a big fat letdown. The Yeti doesn't even work half the time! And you can't really see it anyway. I think WDW should invest in Fantasyland in a BIG way, given the Harry Potter attraction being built in Universal; I'm actually interested n that enough to visit the park. And Beastly Kingdom, the fantasy-animal segment of Animal Kingdom, should definitely be revisited. The only really good news I saw in this report for the American parks is the elimination of the Muppets ride. I think Eisner's biggest mistake was buying other people's characters. Walt would have a coronary. So hopefully the Muppets are gone. Anyway, I'm hoping for big things for Fantasyland (and I don't mean a stupid restaurant and meet-and-greets, LAME). If WDW starts to seriously expand its offerings, then I'll be back in a flash, with cash!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to include the Cinderella Walkthrough which replaces the Mystery Tour at Tokyo Disneyland, expected to open in 2011. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Lava Lagoon in Paris and wait another 20 years before bulding a 3rd themepark. There is also going to be a lot more additions and improvments to DCA during Phase 2 after the completion of Radiator Springs(carsland)