Friday, September 25, 2009

Disneyland Halloween Season began !

Disneyland began its Halloween season yesterday and this 2009 season offers a new fireworks “Halloween Screams - A Villainous Surprise in the Skies”. The new fireworks spectacular will haunt the nighttime sky throughout the Halloween season.

To start the show, “Master of Scare-omonies” Jack Skellington appears in a flash of fire above Sleeping Beauty Castle. Thanks to Jack’s ghoulish charm, haunting melodies fill the air and a Halloween pyrotechnics extravaganza explodes into the night.

Such classic Disney villains as Maleficent, Ursula the Sea Witch and Oogie Boogie join in the “spirit” of the celebration, and even Zero, Jack’s faithful ghost dog, will make an appearance. Spectators in Disneyland are encouraged to participate in a bone-chilling Halloween Scream-Along during the show.

Here is a great video of the Halloween Screams Fireworks opening night by Asianjma123

Also new this year is a "haunted" version of Tomorrowland beloved attraction. Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy - an enhanced version of the one created last year for HKDL - is a scary new experience which begin as a typical Space Mountain adventure but suddenly launch voyagers into an uncharted and haunted section of the universe. Ghosts appear out of the starry darkness and swirling galaxies reaching out as if to grab guests as they speed through space. The exhilarating drops and curves of the journey are punctuated by piercing screams, creepy sound effects and haunting music. The Halloween transformation occurs outside the mountain as well, as frightening images, audio and lights illuminate the Space Mountain exterior. You can see a video of the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy on the Youtube channel of MintCrocodile.

Jack Skellington of course also returns to take over the Haunted Mansion and bring back Haunted Mansion Holiday to New Orleans Square in Disneyland. Jack’s return to the Haunted Mansion includes the traditional Halloween/Christmas gingerbread house in the Mansion Ballroom, but with some special spooky surprises in this year’s design.

All pictures: copyright Disney

Video: copyright Asianjma123 whom i thanks a lot.


Gilad said...

Thank you very much ,Alain. I don't have this holiday in my country and it's very nice to see and experience more of that culture.
By the way, the D23 and the Disney Halloween coverage was very good and interesting.

Anonymous said...

What's better than firework show, is what's happening outside Space Mt, totally unexpected. A spooky light show with scary sounds so loud & creepy, it would make inner kid in you not wanting to go in, and that's just the cool factor

The runs 80mins before it cycles again, here's my best part of the show (youtube)

Gilad said...

The third photo of Mr. Oogie-Boogie is amazing!