Sunday, October 4, 2009

What about a little visit of the Walt Disney Family Museum ?

What about a little visit of the Walt Disney Family Museum? Are you ready? Thanks to the these Youtube videos coming from different U.S TV channels you'll be able to see more - and it looks absolutely awesome!

Let's begin by the beginning, i.e the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by Diane Disney Miller on October 1st.

You'll see much more of the museum inside in this next video with also an interview of Richard Benefield, executive director of the WDFM.

This other short video include different shots of the inside...

And this last one include many shots of the inside and an interview of Diane Disney Miller, Walt's daughter.

I will add these videos to the previous long WDFM article i did this week, so in the future you'll be able to find them here.

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Picture: copyright Walt Disney Family Museum

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Anonymous said...

What strikes me the most about this (while it does look like a beautiful facility) is how Diane talks out of both sides of her mouth. If the museum is truly "about the man and not about the company" then there should be no theme park models or cartoons. But, oops!, that's why people will go, isn't it? I think she's still grappling with hubby Ron's firing 25 years ago. She still doesn't talk to Roy E, you know, and won't even attend an event where he is present. Very sad.