Monday, November 9, 2009

Snowflakes Fall Early This Year at Hong Kong Disneyland !

Christmas at Hong Kong Disneyland will begin earlier this year as the Park transforms into A Sparkling Christmas – A Winter Wonderland. From November 20 to January 3, a Christmas celebration full of whimsical fun is ready to delight Guests and their loved ones in this special holiday season. As snowflakes drift softly onto Main Street U.S.A., families and friends will be dazzled by the new festivities Lights of Winter and it’s a small world christmas, as well as the enchanting Sparkling Castle Lights.

Sarah Fox, Director of Marketing, Product Strategy, of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (below) explained the details of ”A Sparkling Christmas – A Winter Wonderland”: “Disney Parks have a rich legacy of Christmas traditions with over 50 years of experience. We have been celebrating Christmas with Guests around the world since 1955. This year, with our trademark dedication to details and quality entertainment production, we have created A Sparkling Christmas – A Winter Wonderland. From a snowflake to the Sparkling Castle, we want to make sure our Guests can experience the authenticity of a Holiday Celebration.”

A Sparkling Christmas Brings Everyone Closer in All New Winter Wonderland

Lights of Winter

The all new Lights of Winter will ignite Guests’ senses with a mesmerizing combination of snowflakes, lights and music. In a magnificent procession set to yuletide music, giant snowflakes and Christmas lights will be illuminated along Main Street U.S.A. Alluring winter spirits performers will be sparkling all the way to Sleeping Beauty Castle, culminating in the splendor of Sparkling Castle Lights to set every heart aglow.

Celebrate Christmas with it’s a small world fun!

A whole new world of Christmas fun will await Guests at it’s a small world christmas! Guests can capture unique holiday memories at six giant winter scene pop-up cards; or enjoy the glittering courtyard decorations. Together everyone can sail into the new whimsical setting and say hi to Santa Claus in the North Pole. Be sure to check the 38 Disney Characters out as to see how they celebrate Christmas in their own way!

Christmas on Main Street U.S.A

From the glistening 60-foot tall Christmas tree in Town Square to the frozen garlands and icicles, the true spirit of Christmas lingers on snowy Main Street U.S.A. Whether it’s strolling down the picturesque street or listening to beautiful Christmas carols, every moment at Main Street Christmas is magical for Guests and their loved ones.

The spectacular “Let It Snow” Christmas Parade will spread the yuletide merriment as hundreds of dancers in grand costumes stage a glittering performance in the snow. The high-energy parade cheers the Guests to celebrate Christmas together on Main Street U.S.A.!

Look through the special Hologram Viewer to see all the lights transformed into magically glowing Christmas effects. From the Sparkling Castle Lights to the lights of Main Street U.S.A. and even the fireworks, you’ll see the romance of Christmas lights like you’ve never seen them before.

Completing the Christmas celebration…

Hong Kong Disneyland has prepared over 140 exclusive Christmas merchandise for Guests to take home the magic of Christmas. Wonderful festival of foods will be available at the Park and the two Disney-themed hotels. Guests can enjoy a happy Christmas meal, seasonal snacks, a festive turkey dinner or Christmas tea buffet with family and friends. They can also extend the yuletide cheer with a stay at one of the two award-winning Disney-themed hotels starting at HK$699 per Guest and enjoy a sparkling Christmas at the Park.

"Christmas has always been a very important time of the year for the people of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Disneyland is having the Holiday Celebration earlier and longer this year for a 45-day period,” said Frederick Chan, Director of Marketing, Hong Kong Business, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. “To further spread the merriment, the Park will leverage popular platforms among Young Adult Guests including Facebook, iphone, and YouTube, in addition to deploying the traditional channels such as newspapers, magazines, TV, and outdoor advertising”.

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All pictures: copyright Disney - Hong Kong Disneyland


robert metzler said...

wow hong kong disneyland get new christmas every years dear alian why hong kong disneyland always get new stuff ?

Alain Littaye said...

Well, they get new stuff, precisely because.....they don't have new stuff! I mean, as they don't have new attraction (they will, but not before two years) they must absolutely do something new for each season to compensate the lack of new attractions. Starting 2011 it will be different as the first new land will be built.

Ray said...

Disney seems to be going for the all American look for their Christmas decoration in Disney HK. Having the people dressed in White I am not sure about, since this is usually not a good color for Chinese symbolically (black is beginning, white is ending, and red for energy).