Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sneak peek into Universal Studios Singapore ! Videos

Universal studios Singapore will probably open at the end of january but right now i invite you to get a sneak peek into the last stretch of construction with this video which shows the latest progress of some of the rides and shows in the seven zones of this awaited park!

This next video will show you tests on the Battlestar Galactica attraction - the world's tallest pair of dueling roller coaster. Water dummies are being put in the cars to test the weight load. The ride being tested here is the Human Coaster, the seated one, on red tracks.

This last Youtube video filmed by steveswn, although it don't shows a lot of the park itself, is interesting not only for its very good HD quality, but also because it shows what is all around the park.

Disney and more will give you the latest news and pictures of USS as soon as they will be available next month.

Videos: copyright Universal Studios Singapore, steveswn

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Anonymous said...

Love the coaster dummy's! That's up from the sand bags we used to use on our coasters.