Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Captain EO in 3D, right now, on your computer screen !

I usually post an artwork article on wednesday, and it's the case today. But for the first time on Disney and more this one is in 3D! Back in August 1987, almost 23 years ago, Eclipse Comics published an amazing Captain EO 3D comic book souvenir edition. As a matter of fact the comic book was published in two sizes, the normal comic book size and a big A3 size which is of course the most collectible one. In both cases the cover was Captain EO's famous artwork from Imagineer Tim Delaney.

The story line is not only exactly the same than the attraction, but all text, dialogs, are the same one that lucky Californians can hear again inside Disneyland's Tomorrowland theater. All the 30 pages of drawings were done by comic book artist Tom Yeates and of course reproduce all the scenes of the 3D movie.

I have to thanks my friend Daniel who is not only the owner of a perfect copy of the 1987 comic book but also of Tom Yeates original art, the page 21. Right now Daniel put this rare one-of-a-kind original art on sale on ebay and it's a unique chance to own this rare Captain EO collectible art. If you're interested, the auction page on ebay is HERE and here below is a picture of the 24" x 17.52" original art, a pretty big size. The buyer will also get this rare Captain EO souvenir edition - the A3 size - which include two pairs of 3D glasses.

But, as it's really a one-of-a-kind which means that only one of you will get the original art, here is for everyone the 30 pages of the Captain EO souvenir edition and yes, they are in 3D. All what you need is a red and blue 3D glasses like the one below, whether the one you have are in cardboard or plastic. If you have some at your home, it's time to find them to enjoy the 3D article on your computer screen. And believe me, the 3D effect is great!

If you want to make the reading even more enjoyable here is how to do: open a new window of your internet browser and go on Youtube to find a video of the movie. You have some good one, in two parts, HERE and HERE. Just launch part one, put the sound, and then come back to this window so when you will read the 3D comic book pages you will have the sound too! The two Youtube links are for the 3D video version but unfortunately, even with glasses, the 3D effect is not as good as in the attraction.

Okay, there we go, and below are all the 30 pages exactly as you can read them in the comic book. As usual, click on each image to see it in big size and once on the picture page click again on it to have it even bigger. It's time to put on your 3D glasses, and enjoy!

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Pictures: copyright Eclipse Comics, Walt Disney Company 1987.


Brian said...

Tim Delany talking about the making of discoveryland in Disneyland Paris in a podcast:


During the talk they mention the artwork posted on this website!

Around 10 or 11 minutes, Tim says DLP will bring back Captain EO as well!

Tinker Bell said...

Great post! I haven't seen this since the 80s. Thank you! :)

Lee Foullon said...

I saw "Captain EO" during Opening Weekend in Anaheim (Disneyland, California) way back when...

Disneyland was open for 72 hours straight (3 days), and I went to see it at 2 in the afternoon and again around 11 PM. The late evening crowd consisted of very excited young kids CRAZY about Michael Jackson. It was the way many reported "Beatlemania": Screaming kids almost drowned out the performance! The movie featured lasers, fog, smoke, etc. It was a unique experience. The family will be going to WDW Florida in 2010, and my 9-year-old son is very excited. He (and I) can't wait!

Alex.S said...

Thank you so much for posting this.
I almost bid on the piece of artwork. I didn't and I regret it to this day :( Is there any other piece he could put up for sale?

Thanks again