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WDS Toy Story Playland Update and DV World of Disney Megastore

Here is a new Toy Story Playland update and we will discover too the concept-arts for the awaited World of Disney megastore. Let's begin by Toy Story Playland. As i said yesterday this mini land should open mid-August. DLP Imagineering have a commitment to have everything operational for August 5th so from that date soft-openings might happen. But if you're planning to come to the park next summer and want to see Toy Story Playland you better come after August 15th to make sure it'll be open.

Anyway, one thing is sure, you can't miss the land and the Parachute Drop tower as you see the high green tower even before you enter the park as you can see on the picture above. I've already told you about TSP visual intrusion in WDS other areas and nothing is better than a picture to see how real is the problem. On the picture below, shoot at the exit of Studio 1, guests can see clearly the tower emerging between the art-deco buildings of Hollywood Blvd and the Art of Animation.

One could say that it's no big drama but there is another place where the visual intrusion is more important and it's in the Tower of Terror street where, depending where you stand, you can see either the orange half-pipe coaster of RC Racer...

...or the green tower of Parachute Drop. And, frankly, guests should not be able to see these two structures which have nothing in common with the art-deco architecture all around.

Imagineers will probably be able to hide them when Hollywood Blvd will be expand, but i'm sorry to say this will not happen anytime soon and the visual intrusion will stay for years to come.

Anyway, right now the only thing that guests can see at the exit of Toon Studio is the parachute tower and a bit of the RC Coaster track...

...but on the other side of the fences we can clearly see that the construction is still going on and, although the main infrastructures are now finished, the next four months won't be too much to end the construction of the land.
Please note that because the next picture is a patchwork of pictures what you'll see is not perfectly accurate with reality.

On the next picture, where you can see these wooden decorative structures, the white building on the right is the Costuming building for DLP's cast members which of course will be hide thanks to the giant vegetation of TSP. But the grey road in front of it will be a path located on the right side of TSP.

In two years from now WDS guests will walk through this path to access the future Ratatouille dark ride which will be build behind the Costuming building. The path itself will have a Parisian theming which is natural as it will be a way to introduce the french theming of the Ratatouille area. So far the Ratatouille project have a "go" from DLP management and works on the ground should begin more or less in six months from now.
Here is two videos about TSP, the first one shows Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald presentation of Toy Story Playland two weeks ago at the stockholders meeting.

Making of Toy Story Playland Disneyland Paris
envoyé par Disney_Central_Plaza. - Evadez-vous en vidéo.

And the next one is a time-lapse video of the construction of TSP, also shown at the stockholders meeting.

Time-lapse construction Toy Story Playland Disneyland Paris
envoyé par mouetto. - Explorez des lieux exotiques en vidéo.

The huge World of Disney store is awaited by DLP fans since a while, and the building permit which was granted recently to DLP is at Chessy city hall where everybody can see it. Disney Central Plaza forum has posted this morning some pictures from the permit, including concept-arts of the future store.

The store will have a surface area of 4788 square feet (1438 square meter) and two giant domes on the top of the stor, including one which will be a "Earth" dome with Tinkerbell on the top of it. As you can see on the renderings the store have a art-deco style that should fit well with the back facade of the Gaumont theatres. Looks great to me.

The store will be located at the entrance of the Disney Village and will hide the other and not-so-interesting part of the Gaumont theatre facade. Once the World of Disney store will be open the other Disney Store currently inside the Disney Village will probably close and we can expect merchandise changes in others Disney Village shops. As for the opening date of this World of Disney megastore nothing was announced yet, but i won't be surprised if its opening was part of the 20th Anniversary celebration in 2012.

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World of Disney store pictures from Disney Central Plaza Forum

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Anonymous said...

Aah! So much good news! Ratatouille, WoD etc,.
Disney do seem to like thier Art Deco don't they?

Brian said...

I like the Art Deco, gives it a little more old-fashioned feeling and rich.
Thank god DLP finally builds the store, it's about time. It seems like TSPL will be a very smart idea of the imagineers, while I thought that we'd better have an indoor ride, this will be fantastic, so much color and really a space where you can explore, with a lot of greenery.

Hope they'll build ratatouille very fast, and for future I'd like them to demolish the costumersbuilding for Toy Story Midway Mania.

Are there any rumours about a ride in the Magic Kingdom for the 20th anniversary? (Thats the only thing missing...)

Alain Littaye said...

Don't expect them to put Toy Story Mania where the Costuming is. TSM was envisioned where Toy Story Playland is currently built and unfortunately they choose TSP instead of TSM, probably for cost reasons.

As for a 20th Anniversary ride in the Disneyland park i won't bet on anything else than eventually Star Tours 2. Not even sure, though.

robert metzler said...

dear alain are since any huge room for walt disney studios park but is toy story playland can have room for toy story mania? cause it got room next to tsp . and disneyland paris they have room for nice clone copy mickeytown? . like they did from tokyo and california one thing any room for 3rd park ?

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Disneyland Parc. They are spending all the money available to correct the mistake they made in building such a terrible second park, and for that reason they are completely neglecting the good park, the one that brings the public to the resort. Not a very good strategy.

Anonymous said...


Your blog is great!

Do you think that Ratatouille will open in 2012 or later? It would be a nice ride.

Thank you for reading.

Alain Littaye said...

Here is the answers to your questions: To Robert Metzler: they do have plenty of room at the WDS to build Toy Story Mania, but they probably won't built it.
They also kept the room to build Toon Town at the DLP park in this land which is between It's a small world and Discoveryland but because they have a Toon Studio at the WDS i'm not sure they will build some day Toon Town.

To Anonymous: Yes, Ratatouille will more than probably come in 2012, the park had the budget agreement from the banks and DLP Imagineers are currently preparing the project in Glendale, works on the ground should begin in six months.