Thursday, April 15, 2010

Captain Eo will be back at Disneyland Paris next July !

That's it, after Disneyland, Anaheim, Captain Eo will be back at Disneyland Paris next July. Although it's not officially announced yet It's a pretty good move from the park as this will be a major news for all DLP and Michael Jackson's fans in Europe - and God knows there is here a lot of Michael's fans. Also, it will bring a "new" attraction in the park when the summer season will begin, and considering that Toy Story Playland won't open before mid-August Captain Eo's return will surely help to bring more guests in the park.

It's hard to say that Captain EO's return fits very well with the "Year of the New Generation" 2010 theme, but it surely will make happy a new generation of DLP fans who were too young 11 years ago and never saw the 3D movie.

Honey I Schrunk the Audience will close late april, so if you're a fan of this 4D movie you have only two weeks to enjoy it one last time. We don't know yet how long Captain EO will stay at Discoveryland and what will be next, so don't ask me!

Picture: copyright Disney/Lucas Film


Robert/Cologne said...

This is great news ,its certainly a classic Disney attraction that deserves to come back and although it maybe dated its a lot better than HISTA and will bring back the crowds to the theatre.
I know some dont like the idea of it returning but dont forget that thousands of people have never had the chance of seeing it before.
Until we get something new this is a perfect addition.

Marco Antonio Garcia. São Paulo, Brazil said...

I loved this attraction when I was a child, but I was in Disneyland when it came back and I must confess that I was disappointed. I love vintage Disney attractions, but it was so, I do not know exactly what to say, 80's...
It was much better in my memories.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean that HISTA is going completely?

Jones said...

So instead of sth new and creative, we get an old 3D film that wasn´t even particularly impressive back in 1992. At Universal, there´s Harry Potter (i am not a big fan of Universal´s parks, nor do I like to Kuka robot arm - but even I must say that the Potter stuff looks impressive). I´m a very nostalgic guy when it comes to Disney, I love the Country Bears, the Tiki Room - but why bring back a mediocre attraction? What´s next? A Mickeymania Parade at DLP?

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna miss HISTA... that's for sure... I have never seen Captain EO before, but it does not sound very appealing to me. Times have changed and 4D has become the standard in European themeparcs. Returning to this 3D movie may be a disappointedment for guests, unless Disney adds some of its magic flavor! Fingers crossed!