Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last News of WDS Toy Story Playland - Opening August 17th

Disneyland Paris fans awaits WDS Toy Story Playland grand opening next August and apparently the soft-openings are now scheduled for August 11, 12 and 13th. The Grand Opening will be on August 17th. If you plan to visit DLP this summer and want to discover these three new little rides inspired by the beloved Toy Story movies it may be better to come after August 17th to make sure this new mini-land will be open.

However, a new article published in the Disney News Reel magazine - a cast member exclusive magazine - provided more details about Toy Story Playland with an interview of WDI Creative executive vice-president Tom Fitzgerald. The excellent WDS Fans web site was the first to post the picture of the article that you can see below. Definitely double-click on it to see it in larger scale and to read the article, full of interesting details.

And for my french readers here is the french version of the same article, thanks to Disney Gazette.fr.

It was also revealed that the giant 14 foot tall Buzz Lightyear which will stand at the entrance of the land will probably talk. Not sure it will be a Audio-animatronic, though, so don't expect mechanical effects on this one. 14 foot tall is anyway a pretty big size for a Buzz Lightyear and if you wonder how big it can be have a look at the picture below of a giant Buzz installed in Hong Kong for HK Toy Story 3 Premiere.

No need to say that you can expect from Disney and more a full report on this new land and its attractions as soon as it will be open in six weeks from now, with pictures, HD videos and more!

Pictures: copyright Disney - All my thanks to WDS Fans and Disney Gazette.


Tim said...

Is the expectation that this will be on the scale/scope of Flik's Fun Fair in DCA? Otherwise I'd imagine that things like RC Racers would have ridiculous waits.

Co-Host WDW Fan Boys Podcast

robert metzler said...

dear alian is toy story land will get more rides ? ounce is open

Anonymous said...

thank you for all your posts! you're such a treasure! :)

Alain Littaye said...

Honestly, Robert, i don't think TSL will get more rides after its opening (other than the three which are currently built).
Just behind, on the right, there will be the Ratatouille dark ride, and that's all which is scheduled for now.

David N. said...

Thanks for the update on TSL (and the continuation of the blog as a whole!!)
What I still don't understand is the opening date only in the second part of the New Generation Festival. To me it is like a betrayal to guests how arrive for the summer season before mid-August to find the most advertised attractions still under construction (though there are some very small announcements that TSL opens 'late summer').

Anonymous said...

It was due to open earlier this season. There's just really late on schedule.