Thursday, June 10, 2010

World of Color Premiere and Full Show HD Video

That's it, the World of Color Premiere happened last night at Disney's California Adventure with lot of VIPs and speeches by Bob Iger and Tom Staggs and D&M have the video of this great evening for you! Reviews of the show are generally very good, some thinking that it's a fantastic show but not as awesome as they hoped, and others - like Honor Hunter of Blue Sky Disney - saying that it's incredibly beautiful and "a game changer for the resort and the theme park".

As i am in Paris and not in L.A i can't say anything about it except that i'm sure it's a very impressive show. Anyway, here is below the video of last night premiere with Bob Iger and Tom Staggs speeches. After the speeches in the first two-part video jump to the third one to watch the full show filmed also on the Premiere evening which is very well filmed.

And here is the best video so far of the full World of Color show. Watch it in full screen mode, and enjoy the show!

World Premiere of 'World of Color' from WDWNTube on Vimeo.

Picture: copyright Disney

Youtube videos: copyright Disney, skoolboiedd, WDWN Tube


Merlin said...

Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH! This is truely amazing! I need to go and see it for real! The Buzz Lightyear section! And the Wall-E section! And Dr Facilier in the Villains' one!
Its a-freaking-mazing! Thanks for posting videos!

Anonymous said...

I would perfectly see that show in the Walt Disney studios in a few years, on the lake some have been talking about.
The best point for Eurodisney management : very limited cast member cost !

Anonymous said...

Well but in the looong winter in Paris the name of the show will be
"The wonderful world of Ice colour".. :P
I loved it! and I wish see someday in Paris.