Friday, October 8, 2010

ElecTRONica starts at Disney's California Adventure - First Videos!

Flynn Lives at the Hollywood Studio backlot at Disney's California Adventure. elecTRONica starts tonight but the awaited TRON event had a kind of premiere last night. Honor Hunter from Blue Sky Disney was there and you can read his report HERE. Honor was not alone of f course and among the hundred of special guests of this preview some had the good idea to film parts of the show.

Ezgoo who was also there last night and filmed the video below says: "I was able to get a sneak preview of the upcoming "elecTRONica" event and it does not disappoint. The world of Tron immerses you from the start. Flynns Arcade is fully functioning an waiting for your tokens. The Muppet Theater has been transformed to take you you into the game grid with never before seen footage from the film including live effects. elecTRONica is basically a dance party that will take place on Fri, Sat & Sun in the park."

Okay, so let's have a closer look to this TRON dance party inside DCA! The two first minutes with the dancers are not the most interesting but wait till the "portal" open.

Also part of the elecTRONica show the "Laser Man" impressed the audience last night. And what he's doing is indeed impressing, so don't miss this next video!

It's not the happening of the century but, still, it's cool...This is the kind of event they could do easily at DLP's Discoveryland, specially in the area of the Videopolis Theatre. Are they going to do anything themed on TRON at DLP? Hmmm, sadly, i would not bet on that.

Pictures: Copyright Disney

Many thanks to Ezgoo and others for the Youtube videos!


Robert /Cologne said...

Good Idea Alain,get this to DLP NOW...a much better idea than Stiches dancing mess lol

Anonymous said...

What about Ratatouille: The ride ?

Jones said...

As somebody who has worked with Lasers, I can tell you that that kind of laserbeams is *not* harmless - they pose a considerably risk, regardless of what the manufacturers tell you. There have been accidents, people have lost part of their eyesight - it has happened, and as long as even companies like Disney ignore the risk, it will happen again.