Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A special Jungle Cruise photo, artwork and video tribute

When Disneyland open in 1955, the Jungle Cruise attraction was there. Probably the oldest beloved "E" ticket in the park, it deserves a real tribute and, that's what we will do today!

Above, an attraction poster for Adventureland and the Jungle Cruise.
Below, Walt show the model of the Jungle Cruise boat.

Five different artwork for the attraction.

Two pictures of the WDI Jungle Cruise model.

Walt discussing with Harper Goff, show designer of the attraction on a Jungle Cruise boat.

Walt with the Jungle Cruise audio-animatronics animals during the construction, and the hippos, below.

An overview shot of the Jungle Cruise in 1955

All aboard !

Different scenes of the attraction from old picture and postcards , circa 1955, and one picture of Walt firing at the hippos!

Walt Disney and Nehru, at that time India's prime minister: all aboard for the Jungle Cruise!

A recent picture of the Jungle Cruise boat, after the boats were re-designed.

Probably the two best Jungle Cruise merchandise items: The great miniaturist Robert Olszewski did a fantastic miniature of the Jungle Cruise attraction, still available at the park.

And let's not forget the great Jungle Cruise boat replica done by Kevin Kidney and Jody Dailey for Disney shopping, out of stock now, but often available on e bay.

But before you go, don't miss this old video with Walt himself presenting the attraction to you and former India's legendary prime minister Nehru.

All my thanks to freedogshampoo for this Youtube video

All photos and artwork: copyright Disney

Video: copyright Disney


DisWedWay said...

It's great to see Harper and Walt together in the early days of the first Jungle Cruise edition. That's a very early 26 foot long Phython snake in the tree by its paint themeing. Mark Davis would later update that scene at WDW and DL with the Phython watching over it's huge bison pray below. With Disneylands edition of Indy in 95, the Jungle Cruise load building was made more like the original sketches you show. Having worked on all 4, one can hope PDL will someday get one. "PD"

RandySavage said...

Really great post.

The models & diorama are very cool.

Brian said...

Never rode it, but surely looks like a nice ride, it's a little oldfashioned which, I guess, has its charm. Love to see it in Paris, although it will probably never get build, because nowadays they'll build only rides that are more innovative, or connected to a Disney movie...